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what can help depression other then drugs?

Asked by Gabbigirl (56points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone
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I would say that exercise is the best natural remedy for depression.

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I was told counseling or having a “life coach”... I have not tried either, but at times I think it would really help.

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In all honesty, the greatest thing I did was get a divorce!! I know it may sound shallow, but it is the truth. A horrible relationship can really mess with someone. I didn’t realize that until after a couple months after my wife left, and I noticed that I was a stronger person. A few months after that, I no longer needed anti-depressants.

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stop blaming yourself for those happenings of your life which are out of your control plus start to be grateful for not being born in Africa!

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@gildo, not helpful. I appreciate sarcasm but not when your answer can lead a depressed person to more depression. Grow up.

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Sorry, I would suggest probaly counseling..

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“be grateful for not being born in africa?” fall back on racism to make yourself feel better. i don’t get that.

st. john’s wort is a natural anti-depressant that i have used and has been helpful. you can get it in a tea or a tincture or a capsule. the only side effect is that your skin can be more sensitive to direct sun so be careful about that.

i’ve also found that art, cleaning, gardening, taking walks, swimming, and anything that can get you noticing the world around you and getting out of your head can be helpful.

good luck!

ps i have struggled with depression for many years on and off but have never taken medication and am living a happy fulfilled life. it can be done!

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exercise something simple walk in the park or ride a bike or skateboard. sunlight also helps release serotonin

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Studies have shown that people who take time out to list things they’re grateful for every single day are noticeably happier.

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I’d say any success no matter how small. Even if its something like running a mile. It will give the confidence that you can control your life and you can succeed even farther if you wish.

There no success too small in this method. Build you way up.

Also, spend time with people that care about you and have a positive impact on your life.

And if you don’t have a dog already, they make incredible loyal companions, that give nothing but love.

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Psychotherapy and chocolate!!!

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A colon cleanse. I am not kidding, bad foods being trapped in our system are a stronger cause of depression than the FDA admits to.

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Regular exercise, rest (not necessarily sleep) and making sure you are getting enough sunlight exposure during the dreary months of the year. Keeping an even keel on your blood sugar level is also important. High sugar content in your diet will only exacerbate the lows.

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regarding the comment which says that mentioning Africa means racism is unacceptable for me. U should have recognized that was only the simplification of being grateful to have the opportunities of the western world which are unreachable for them. e

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Good food, good music, good movies, and most importantly, great people.

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