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What is the best way to get something from x to y?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10191points) March 29th, 2010

So, you have fresh donor lungs that you need sixty miles away to save someone’s life. You just found out. It needs to get there today, as fast as possible. Money is no object. Time is though.

You don’t have anything on hand for this but your wits, an iphone, and unlimited money.

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hire two helicopters, one to go pick up the lungs and one to meet halfway.

or just buy a teleportation machine.

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Two helicopters meeting halfway? Sound like you will have lot more sets of lungs to choose from.

Seriously, for sixty miles I would use a fast motorcycle. Point to point little could match it unless it is Helipad to Helipad.

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@ChaosCross so how long does it take to hire a heli, and get it off the ground…even if you say you’ll give them a billion dollars…

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Remember a car only takes about one hour obeying the law!

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I don’t get why you will take two helicopters meeting half way. Why not just get one helicopter doing it the whole way?

A helicopter would take a long time to get off the ground, etc though.

If I had unlimited funds, I would take it myself. I’d just pay the law to shut down and clear off all roads for whenever my trip is scheduled.

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I’d rent a corvette and drive 200 mph down the ridiculously straight, empty strip of road for 60 miles. Get there in 20 minutes.

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Two helis meeting halfway makes no sense at all…

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You don’t do anything. The person in charge of this at the donor’s hospital notifies a registry. They select a recipient from a list. notify him/her and make arrangements for transporting the organ. It’s done every day.

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Looking at the TransMedics website, they would most likely call an SUV limo for such a short distance.

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@lilikoi I believe lilikoi has answered correctly…

In our current state, regardless of how fast our supermachines are…they are not very efficient for trips that are spontaneous to short distances.

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@lilikoi Two helis meeting halfway makes no sense at all…

I can just see it. “Here, catch…”

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I would hire a helicopter company to fly the lungs to my lung-lacking hospital. While the helicopter company gets the paper work and equipment ready, I’d hire an ambulance (w/all the police escorts and whatnot) to drive the lungs out to the airport where that helicopter company is located (so the helicopter won’t have to waste fuel getting to the lung-stocked hospital). By the time the ambulance gets to the airport, the helicopter will be ready to go.

@galileogirl That’s no fun!

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@Ltryptophan Thanks…I was tempted to say Fed Ex. :P

@DarkScribe I know, lol!

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@galileogirl, please confine yourself to the mentioned parameters.

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So does the fast car breaking the law win the day?

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Why is everyone stuck on the helicopter?

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@Ltryptophan What exactly are the parameters? “I want to ask a question and get the dumbest answer possible” parameters? If so, put that in the question, Junior..

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I’d use my personal teleporter.

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Quickly buy (using unlimited money) & download the Genie app on my iPhone (that you own). Then wish for a extremely large trebuchet (60 mile shooting distance). Put the person in need of lungs in the trebuchet. Then launch! The person should get there in no time & will also enjoy the view on the way. This of course, all plays out if the genie app works. You didn’t say whether or not the person needs to live once they reach the lungs, you just said the lungs are life saving. Which is why I did not wish for one of those giant air filled landing pads for the person to land on.

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Are you sure they can do lung transplants?

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Just get in your vehicle and start driving.

According to geometry, the straight line, such as one a helicopter can take, is the shortest route. However, we live in a world where the airport is likely an hour in a different direction, and when you call 911 it often takes longer to get an ambulance than it takes to get a pizza delivered.

Just start driving, don’t be afraid to break the speed limit because if you get pulled over you can afford the ticket and just might end up getting an escort if the cop isn’t a jackass.

A motorcycle might have an advantage in traffic jam situations, such as cruising down the shoulder and cutting between cars.

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< Hire a pegasus (faster than a racehorse on land and if we hit an obstacle such as
< traffic, we will just take it to the air) and yes, a billion dollars would do nicely
< See ya…..Gary/wtf

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Realistically, unless both the pickup and drop-off points have helipads, a fast bike is the only answer. Modern bikes can exceed three hundred kilometres per hour and get there faster than GP cars, they can cut through traffic as though it wasn’t there, they can jump footpaths, take shortcuts unavailable to a car and can certainly carry a transplant container. You just need a very good rider. In my younger days, before traffic radar and red light cameras, when using my bike I could make a trip through a major city, from northern outskirt to southern outskirt in one third of the time it took using a car on freeways. From a little over an hour and half to thirty five minutes. Admittedly I was breaking a lot of traffic laws, but I was much younger and invincible in those days.

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@DarkScribe is correct. it takes me at LEAST one hour to get to work every day in my car (downtown LA to Beverly Hills), when I take the Harley, it takes 35 mins. If I still had my Honda CBR, it’d take me probably about 25 mins.

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@DarkScribe I think we have a winner…

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As someone who has actually been involved with organ transplantation cases I can tell you how its done.

First of all, donors are brain dead people whose bodies are kept viable with ventilators and drugs. The donor transplant network is called and they come to do an evaluation. They will often do further tests to make sure that donor tissue is viable (I once was asked do do a liver biopsy at 11:00 at night, and the tissue was sent by car to a pathologist).

Once the donor network has determined which, if any organs, are to be donated, then the body will be taken to surgery. The anesthesiologist is there purely to make sure the patient keeps a blood pressure (as the body can feel no pain). The organs are harvested. The last organ to be harvested is the heart and lungs, as once those are harvested, there is no more blood flow.

The organs are placed in a specialized cooler and then flown by helicopter to the recipient hospital, where the recipients (who have been notified by pager) are waiting. They then undergo the transplant surgery.

In terms of how long the organs last, I honestly can’t tell you as I’m not involved with that side of it. Some last longer than others.

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@Rarebear I can tell you how its done.

I think that you missed the intent of the question. It could have as easily been a container of ice cream before it melts.

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@Rarebear thanks for your response. I just wanted to give the concept urgency.

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Hmmm… all I got is my wits, iPhone, and unlimited money.

I’m hoppin’ a cab to Vegas. Sorry dude, your lungs are waiting at the corner of 12th and Pine, right outside the “Fook Yue” Chinese Restaurant.

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@DarkScribe Ok, Sorry. I was trying to be helpful.

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It was to me, and educational too. Thanks.

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@realizerealliesrealeyes lol

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies It’s just that transportation is a real issue with transplant cases. Once we actually had to clear a football field of a football game so the helicopter could land.

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for the sake of @RealEyesRealizeRealLies

this question should now go as follows:

you are sixty miles from vegas, baby,

you have unlimited money, and an iphone.

How do you get there as fast as possible.

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@Ltryptophan Then I would hire a bunch of Hells Angels on HD motorcycles to escort me and clear the roads.

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I would go with an ambulance, with full lights and sirens.

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I’d go with a Bugatti Veyron What’s going to be more fun than a car with a W-16 engine? ... oh yeah it’ll get the organs there too.

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I rather like the idea of delivering it by Howitzer….. basically pack them into the barrel with a load of ice to keep them fresh…. then BAM!!!

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Do what the guy on Rat Race did,you may not make it but it would be funny to watch.

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