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Are you now or have you ever had a secret crush on another flutherite? (part deux)

Asked by Jude (32112points) March 29th, 2010

Here’s part one.

Epony’s and my boys are grownass men now.

I still am (not so secretly) crushing on tinyfaery..

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I have a crush on Symbeline, but I’ve never made it a secret.

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Yes, a few.

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Psh. Not at all.

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I have not so secret crushes on too many jellies to name. If you pop into the chatroom and look at the list of who’s there, I have a crush on at least 90% of them, regardless of when you go in there. They’re all so lurvely.

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Well, obviously I am in love with @rangerr but she knows that. :)

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And I still have a crush on you.

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How can you have a crush on someone who you have not met? You might like them, but you cannot even be sure of gender in many cases. I know that at least one person posing as a twenty/thirty something girl is a retired man. (I know that as a fact – not a guess.) I also strongly suspect that another female poster posts both as herself and a male – has two accounts.

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I definitely do, there are too many to name! If you want specifics you have probably never talked to me, because I am way to open about it! :)

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I like tons of jellies yet don’t have a crush on any of them. Hubbs wins Are you talking about a crush or just “I like you and would like to grab a beer sometime”?

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@Sarcasm Just admit. It’s mostly me.
@KatawaGrey <3333333333333
@IBERnineD Oh. I know I’m on that list. I KNOW IT.

I just adore everyone here.

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@rangerr you’re on the list, but I dunno if it’s “mostly” you. Cyndi, Jane, Stella, Zen and George are in there too.

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@Sarcasm You’re going to break Wesley’s heart.

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I wish Stella was single I will tolerate Sarcasm instead.

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Yes, but I’m pretty sure he knows it.

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Yes, on a few.

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I’m wondering if the wee faery has any..

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I have some feelings of camaraderie for several Jellies here, but a crush? Hmmm. I’ll have to think about it.

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Vunessuh, of course.

I didn’t think it was much of a secret though…

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Yes, on quite a few jellies. They know who they are. ;)

@jjmah <3

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I have a few.

tinyfaery, simone_de_beauvoir, allie, Miss Anthrope, janbb has cute feathers, and for the fellas: jeffgoldblumsbanger.and.two.mash, and gris.

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Maybe just a tad on one or two.

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Yes, I have. I have a list too, but you’ll have to dig into my heart to find it. :)

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I flirt a lot, but I wouldn’t say I have a crush on any. I usually lean towards realism and it’s not realistic to me. In terms of anything ever actually happening.

But there are some I find intriguing ;)

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I make no attempt to hide the fact I am madly in love with @johnpowell.

Let’s be real here, though. @jjmah‘s swagga is undeniable.

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my favorite british insomniac<3

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How could you not have a crush on @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities ? He looks like a cuter, sexier Matt Damon.

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@chyna, @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities is very handsome. ooops. did I just say that out loud? 0_o

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Aww, @jjmah. <3

My answer is @johnpowell (as if everyone didn’t already know that). And @jjmah, you’d better keep a tight leash on Bucky boy. And some random crushes here and there.

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The fella behind JeffGB is pretty.

And, so is the wee faery.

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Ah, toss all of my crushes in. We’d make a cute baby jelly.

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Also dpworkin.

I do love me some bald jew.

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<blushes>. Love ya, ladies.

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@chyna He’s much cuter than Matt Damon.

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I’ve seen the lady behind the wee faery. She’s lovely (she knows it).

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@jjmah I always imagined she was this petite, fiery latina with a steely gaze.

By which I mean “hell yes”

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@Grisaille You’re correct.

She’s exactly how I pictured her, as well.

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@rangerr Ah yes, I believe I said that.

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@jjmah I think you overstate. I’m not all that. But thanks.

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I have a few…

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How do you like my curls?

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@benjjmahdrewim it’s like I have a crush on everybody today.

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Nope can’t say I do.

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Ah – they all look alike to me!

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Idk about you guys, but I totally have the hots for Bob_ <3
.....I’d make him a sandwich any day;)

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