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Does it annoy you when people ask questions, but add NO personal relevance?

Asked by nope (1804points) March 29th, 2010

So I’m reading questions, and often I run across questions where the person is asking something that is actually a pretty good question, but shares NOTHING about the asker. Like today, I ran across this question about what makes people happy, and I thought, what a great question, yet…why are you asking it? I mean, either say why you want to know (“I’m curious because I need things in my life to make me happy”), or tell us something that makes YOU happy.

Obviously this is an example, but it seems to happen a lot, and I think sometimes, just because people are looking to open a discussion without sharing anything of themselves. Opinions?

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I think people can ask a question anyway they want to and they have the option to reveal as much or as little about themselves as they want. Who cares.

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Not at all.

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@nope Well, guess what? They don’t care if you do. They can ask a question however they’d like. If it annoys you, then that’s your problem, not theirs.

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No, it doesn’t annoy me in the slightest.

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Nope. Seems to me when people start telling the story behind it, the people answering sometimes get fixated on a minor point in the question or even attack the OP about something trivial. As in the case about a man who asked about why people dump animals on the roadside, and when he mentioned seeing some every comment had to do with “why didn’t you pick the poor puppies up?” But few people answered the question of why people dump animals (irresponsibility , not spaying and neutering their pets, etc). That is just one example. Another kid that was home schooled and never allowed out of the house asked a mild question about how to gain more freedom, and again someone criticized her for threatening her mother with moving out, saying that was immature. When people tell the story, they get attacked. I wouldn’t want to tell my story either.

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@Vunessuh OH! Thank you so much! Now I get it.

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@nope Love that sarcasm! Haha Too funny.

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No, I am no mind reader, so I have no way to know their original intention. It might be about their best friend or their co worker or not, so what. I usually don’t like hypothetical very much, but if the question sounds real, that is good enough for me.

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@escapedone7 I don’t know…I’ve had pretty good luck with it myself, telling my story has seemed to fill in the blanks, especially if my question was in any way ambiguous.

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It doesn’t really bother me, exactly. But it does make me curious. Every now and again, I’ll ask some questions to try to flesh out the back story.

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before I read any responses

No this does not bother me and I’ll tell you why.
I’ve often seen and had been subject to some answers being directed toward the asker when the full intention was not to do that.

This person is just merely as curious as you and that’s why they chose not to divulge any form of personal info, because then someone would think that they needed something to make them feel happy. Which very well maybe the point of they’re motive for initiating the question, but they very well might be genuinely interested in what makes others happiness tick.

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@Axemusica Yes! I agree with you. And yet I disagree with you. I guess what I want is to know the background…what is it that makes you ask that? Just curious, or really, something deeper. I’ve been hoping that Fluther is a place where you can really develop community…but questions like that, which add nothing about the asker, don’t allow you to know them any better. If I wanted just a question/answer site, well, frankly, I use Google.

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Not for stupid shit like this, it doesn’t. What gets on my nerves is being unable to tailor an answer to the (perceived) needs of the author because the question is (sometimes deliberately) ambiguous (this happened to a friend of mine/what would you do in this situation/ have you ever known somebody who, etc.). Sometimes, you can’t really help a person if you don’t know who the hell it’s about. Even so, it’s still thier perogative, so I keep my mouth shut about it.

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Well, @nope look at it this way. How many jellies that answered do you know better?

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@Axemusica Absolutely none, so far. And good point. Still, I’m not ready to give up on this, but I will eventually if I perceive it’s a waste of time.

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@Axemusica Nice to see you! Where have you been, young man?

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In the chat mostly, but then again it’s some stressful times, @augustlan.

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I think it depends on the situation. If the question is too vague for example, “Why does my kid act out?” Well, that’s just too damn vague. However, if the details section is about how you were with your four-year-old in the supermarket and she started screaming when you took a box of cereal she’d picked off the shelf away, well, that’s good.

I’m only bothered if the question is too vague. If the details section is fleshed out by the personal reason for asking the question, then it’s great. If the question makes sense and can be answered without the personal reason for asking it, then it’s great.

There’s also the factor that often at least for me a question just comes to me. There’s no explanation or trigger. I might just be cruising along in my car when I’m suddenly struck with the desire to know what are some interesting rituals surrounding death from other cultures. In this case, I don’t think that adding where my desire to know the answer to the question came from would enhance the details section of the question.

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Doesn’t bother me much. Sure it’s interesting to read personal experiences and views, but I don’t really see that it should be manditory for question asking. Ultimetely we ask shit in whatever way we wish.

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nope. Not in this case. She/he opened a forum for other’s opinions, not to air hers/his right off the bat….which would have the effect of skewing the answers.

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@nope Why do you want to change (multiple) things around here?

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@FutureMemory Why on earth would you think I want to do that?

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@nope Why do you want to change (multiple) things around here?

”@FutureMemory Why on earth would you think I want to do that?”

answer. Those are your questions no?

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No that doesn’t bother me at all.

@Axemusica and @FutureMemory, to be fair, I came in questioning fluther, and suggesting changes, but I was hurt because Answerbag had fucked us over. I actually feel really bad for complaining so much. But my point is, I got use to how fluther works, and accepted what I didn’t like about it

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@Violet Yeah. Like that.

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@Axemusica Nope, not my question. My question was oriented towards the “why” people do things, why they ask questions certain ways, not questioning how Fluther handles things. Not in this question, anyway.

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No, I get by. If I need more detail to give an answer I skip it or ask for more detail.

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