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Where can I learn latin?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) March 29th, 2010

I’ve always loved languages. They way they sound, being translated, etc. Although, I did have an unnerving experience with the german language once watching the original Kingdom Hospital. I’ve always found latin origins and the english language fascinating. Is there a certain software or book that I should look at?

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@davidbetterman unfortunately, they don’t have latin at my school.

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Well, before I took Latin in high school, I read the book “Latin for Dummies”. It was very helpful and very thorough.

Usually when a person learns Latin (such as in school), they’re not learning it to speak it. The type of Latin learned was not the type spoken, it was the type used by the elite and the artists and was written down. Vulgar Latin (the type spoken) was not written down much so we don’t have much record of it. So generally Latin is learned by learning grammar and how to translate sentences rather than how to communicate; I remember we didn’t learn “hello” until the second year.

Either way, you can always use Rosetta Stone if you want to pay $500…

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I didn’t have a choice – I was educated in the Christian Bros. School system. I certainly wouldn’t recommend that method.

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There’s always Igpay Atinlay.

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I had the Jesuits as my Latin teachers. I gotta agree with @DominicX, They didn’t really start teaching us to speak the lingo until Latin 3.

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@davidbetterman LOL, that was exactly what I was going to say. Without the links, though.

To the OP…Latin is absolutely AWESOME. You MUST learn it, if you have an interest. Try your local community college. Not necessarily the extension courses, but the real thing… you could call the administration office to ask, if you can’t find out online or through a mail catalogue. Good luck, and again, JUST DO IT, the learning the language will reward you well.

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I suggest learning a language that isn’t dead. You could communicate with cultures you wouldn’t be able to now, and you’d be able to experience art in that language. You’re not going to find much music in Latin. Unless you’re into religious chanting.

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Isn’t Latin like a dead language? Isn’t that what everyone who is ever possesed in movies speaks? lol

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I definitely recommend the Cambridge Latin Course. You will probably find some interesting things here

It’s the course we used at my school, and in conjunction with a rather enthusiastic teacher our whole class enjoyed learning Latin very much.

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