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What makes a question deserve a "GREAT QUESTION" ?

Asked by nope (1804points) March 30th, 2010

I have to ask this, as I’m heading off to bed…a question I asked tonight has earned ONE (1) “great question”, in an hour. I don’t care about that so much, but it’s curious, because I often see questions that have 5 or 6 responses, and 3 “great question” ratings (just an example), yet my previous question has elicited 66 responses in an hour.

I’m not saying my question was great, or even good for that matter, it’s just curious to me, because I asked it at a fairly late hour, and yet the conversation is flowing at a really nice rate, and that would seem to indicate quite a bit of interest in the topic, even if the question is simple.

So I thought I’d ask, what makes YOU click on the “Great Question” button?

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Great Question, or Great Answer?

If you meant GQ, then it is usually something that I would genuinely want to know/find out/have thought about myself.

If you meant GA, then something insightful, or something that just makes me laugh a little.

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You mean “Great Question”, right?

Btw, if you meant GQ, then for me it is when i see someone ask a question and i think: “Yeah, i wondered that myself” or “I like what debate his/her question opened”.

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Great answer, @ShiningToast ;-)

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@ShiningToast Yep. Sorry, tired, like I (sort of) said. Great question, lol.

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Yes….you all are correct, everywhere it says “great answer” should say “great question” in my question…I’m trying to get the moderators to correct it, now that I can’t edit the question.

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A question that has not been asked a thousand different ways, and evokes some thought.

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One that is clever

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if you want responses, ask a question on sex, religion, or ask for something personal about Fluther members! (sex always gets attention)

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Any time I fall out of my chair laughing and thinking “Holy shetland terrier, that was some funnee stuff!”, I won’t give a GQ because I am too busy laughing to think straight enough.

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Just look at the one’s I’ve asked.

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Questions that make me think, laugh, or one that I have wondered about also.

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Any of the following will get a Good Answer or Good Question from me:
-Thought provoking insight
-Makes me laugh with you
-Something I strongly agree with
-You’re someone I like more than than most people.

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@Captain_Fantasy I’ll give you a Great Answer if you give me one.

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Doesn’t work if you’ve already given it. lol

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So much of it is objective opinion. Also, the longer you’ve been here, the more relaxed people are about your questions and since they know you they can figure out what it is you’re really trying to say.

@erichw1504 and @Captain_Fantasy Big babies!!

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Depends on who is looking who is around I guess. Plus what the question evokes for them.

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