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What's your opinion on naturally thin people?

Asked by j0ey (2429points) March 30th, 2010

Everyone knows at least one person that is ALWAYS the same weight. It seems like no matter what they eat, or how much exercise they do (if any), they stay wafer thin year after year. While the rest of us starve our selves and exercise until the cows come home to be thin/“fit looking”....and heaven forbid you eat that piece of cake, because you WILL see it on your ass tomorrow.

ARE these people really naturally thin? Is it genetics? Or is there some secret? What’s your opinion? OR your secret…..

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Those people seem very strange to me. I find it difficult to trust them. Perhaps they come from another planet or a lab somewhere.

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Envious! Imagine never having a ‘fat day’ or sitting awkwardly while you tuck your gut back into the top of your pants…

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Being someone who struggled for many, many years with my weight I tend to think they’re very lucky. However, my ex was very slim, she was a dancer. & she always moaned about being so slim. She said people always asked her about her eating habits & always though she had some sort of eating disorder. However, she was just very slim & petite.
I think the reason for people’s size is roughly a 20/80 split between our genetics & our lifestyle. Some people clearly have a natural, biological inclination towards a certain build. I will never look skinny as an example. Even if I were starving to death I’m quite sure I wouldn’t look skinny, just as my ex will never look fat. However, I think it’s our sedentary lifestyles & our high-energy diets. From what I’ve experienced, people who are fat simply eat too much & don’t do enough. Whereas skinny people, even if they eat a lot, tend to be very active.

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I am slightly jealous of those people who can go shopping and buy whatever they want because a it fits and b they always look good! However God made me the way I am, but, I chose to eat and drink the junk I have in the past so it is up to me to put it right I guess! It doesn’t help when you know you are heavier now than you were fully pregnant with your daughter 11 years ago :(

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@Sariperana Hahahaha, this will make you sick, but even skinny people have those… or at least trick themselves into thinking they’re having them. My ex would be sitting there on the sofa grabbing at her stomach saying, look, I’m getting fatter, and I’ve got a tyre. At which point I’d have to point out that if she didn’t have a little loose skin around her gut she wouldn’t be able to stand up straight :)

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@JeffVader hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha “loose skin on her gut”

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@j0ey I know…. used to drive me mad :)

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I don’t really think of them in terms of their body type. I see them the same as tall, short, fat or squat people- just people.

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@gemiwing…. you’re one of them arent you!!!!!???

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It’s just a really great metabolism in my case. I can eat whatever the hell I want and do whatever I want and still experience the same growth rate. My father had the same metabolism, but his completely disintegrated by college, so I’m probably going to suddenly gain weight near the end of high school. * gulp *

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I’m naturally thin, I can eat a fairly large amount before I put on noticable weight. The way I see it is, there will always be people that we think are luckier than us in some sense. Someone being envious of me because I am naturally thin is no different to me being envious of someone else because they have larger breasts than me! @JeffVader I can totally relate to your ex. I have been accused of having an eating disorder and I am fed up with having to justify myself if I turn down food for whatever reason. I don’t have an eating disorder but at the same time, I don’t have an obsession with food. I eat when I am hungry. Simple. I am only 5’0 in height so I am just petite. I think that claiming that someone has an eating disorder because they are thin is as bad as judging someone because they are overweight.

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People with a fast metabolism can have poor body images as well. The mirror is not what creates the problem, it is more to do with parenting and nurture, whether they have confidence, feel that body image is at all important.

I spent most of my early life struggling to gain size. I was fit (I was a surfer and athlete) but I wanted to be much bigger. I ate huge quantities of protein foods, stuff called Tiger’s Milk (milkshakes reinforced with eggs, baby milk formula, protein powder etc.) and would usually eat two or more main courses. My problem was – as I later discovered – that I had a natural aversion to high carbohydrate foods. I didn’t gain any “bulk” body mass until I ended up with a girlfriend who ate a lot of bread and pasta – potatoes, sweet dishes etc. That was after my first marriage and by that time I was in my thirties.

Now I have very exacting control over my body size and weight, I am pretty much exactly where I want to be.

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My thin friends they simply watch what they eat and pretty much it’s unanimous they don’t overeat. I never see them make 2 trips to the buffet.

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@Cruiser No ‘cake retention’ going on with them then…

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A little envy here. Of course, they never have ice cream in their freezer. It’s funny that some of the thin people I knew years ago are, well, no longer. So I’m not sure about the “naturally.”

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Marie Antoinette says Have some cake!

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The use about the same number of calories as they take in

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I eat a fucking ridiculous amount and have too little fat in my body to be measured by one of those electric things. (it says: “error – <5%”).

My favourite is savoury items like (real) ale, crisps, pork pies, roast dinners, incredibly huge sandwiches with 2 types of meat and mustard and philly. Also fried bacon and egg and melted extra mature cheddar sandwiches that are bigger than ya face, washed down with a (pint, English pint) cup of tea.
In fact, in any given day, I will almost 100% certainly consume several packs of crisps, a couple of those sandwiches, a few pints (English pints =P) of ale and hopefully a roast dinner (if not, a curry).

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There is probably a genetic factor to this, but also a certain way of life. Like just walking to go to work, do activity, do not eat anytime in the day, this kind of things. However, I can eat like a cow and not specially “good” food (chocolate, mayonnaise, meat and other none light stuffs), and I’ll keep my weight. On the other hand, I’m often doing sports, going to work by foot or bike.

I think the “remain thin” secret lies into a good mix with genetic inheritance and a good way of life.

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I am always tapping my feet and generally fidgeting. This is behaviour proven to correlate with thinness.

I am almost always hungry though. Most of the time I get 4 hours of being sated, even after eating a lot, before I have to embark upon yet another epic culinary project.

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Genetics, their diet, their age, their metabolism etc.

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My younger daughter has thighs thinner than my arms. She takes after my husband’s side of the family—tall and thin.

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My father is nearly 84 years old and just as thin as he has always been. Chalk it up to moderate consumption, a high metabolism and an active lifestyle. I, too, have always been one of “those” but have put on a pound or two in the last couple of years due to a reduction in my activity level thanks to a health condition and because @sccrowell seems to be on a mission to fatten me up a bit. Until Sherry arrived with waffles, omelets, eggs benedict, etc,, I rarely ate a breakfast and I well imagine my dad continues to do just coffee and one piece of pastry every morning just like he has done every day of his life. See ya…..Gary/wtf

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They should all be shot down.

Haha, no I’m one of those myself, I can eat just about what I want. At least, I think so. I still live quite healthy and sport a lot. However, since I moved out of my parent’s house I did gain a little weight (or at least skin around my belly). I think the effect is just a lot less for me, so I’d have to do more effort to gain weight, but if I really tried (stopped sporting, ate really unhealthy), I think I’d notice as well.

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Lol.. Im one of those persons.. I can eat whatever I want.. I dont gain weight, has been since I was a little kid I think I have that from my dad, bc my moms not skinny, but he is. I dont have a drivers licence though and I go everywhere by bike. So I do get exercize daily. I think I have a fast metabolism. Yay!

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I am one of these people… I have no idea how I don’t gain weight, considering how much I love food and to eat. I just assume it is my metabolism. My father was insanely skinny when he was my age, skinnier than I am now. Sometimes I worry for the day when I will just begin to gain and gain, and will start to watch what I eat.

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So many times these days, obesity is used as a scare tactic in an effort to get individuals to engage in weight loss. However, the true key to a healthy body is a fit body – no matter what size that body may be.

A person may be anchored at a ‘perfect weight’ yet have severe health problems that root from a poor diet. On the other hand, a person who is overweight may be in excellent condition, basking in a true state of health.

If you have a desire to lose weight, concentrate first on the healthy aspects of your diet and you may find that you are losing weight as you grow healthier

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I was pondering this question the other day. I have quite a few friends who are very petite and eat like horses. If I had go whollop down what they do in a day, well, I would be morbidly obese. I have other friends who hardly eat and are large. Then I have those that beat themselves to death to get thin because they don’t want to be large. I have had anorexic friends, and friends with bulimia;. One past away from it the same week my mom died. So here’s what I think of thin people. They are gorgeous. I don’t understand why they can snuffle in a horse bag all day and stay thin. Genes I guess?

I also like curvy people too, there are such beautiful women with curves, but they have had a bad rap. But speaking of curves on of my friends who has the waist of a wasp has massive boobs go figure!!

I am an odd body, I can be very strict, no oils no fats, no starch, no fizzy drinks, no sugar only steaming, gym every day and I stay exactly the same. I gave up!! I think you can envy thin people, but I do not envy that they have not learned to eat correctly for their body in the long term health perspective of things.

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I learned long ago to read the labels on what I eat. Look at the servings per container, amount of fat, and calories. And I learned to budget what treats I throw in to my meals. I have dessert almost every night. Usually one or two pieces of really good chocolate or part of a cookie. I limit fats, and go for a lot of fruits and veggies. I weigh the same as I did in high school.

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six donuts for breakfast, an entire large pizza for lunch, etc, etc. Keeping my weight up is a constant battle, not counting it cost more to buy the extra food. Constant battle to avoid malnutrition, low cholesterol, low blood count.

Naturally thin is no picnic. (pun intended)

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Have you ever noticed a fat person walking a dog? neither have i.

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@john65pennington I think your comment is too vague. I know loads of large people who don’t eat fats, eat right, and work out. I know tons of thin people who eat doughnuts for breakfast. This is something no one can work out. Some people are meant to be large some small. Why can’t we accept we are all different? Thank God we are. (I am not talking about people out of control by the way).

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When you look at photos of concentration camp inmates (not a pleasant thing) one thing stands out. They are all thin, no fat people there – even those fat people who claim to eat like sparrows. That is probably one the few evidential and indisputable clues to body fat.

Processed carbs put on more far weight than consumed fat, but the information fed to the general population by the food industry is that it is dietary fat – because is is cheaper to make a low fat product than a low carb. The obesity epidemic seems to have echoed the low fat diet craze. Funny thing that. If you eat low fat, you tend to eat more processed carbs. Natural carbs in fruit and vegetables and normal and acceptable. Huge quantities of processed carbs aren’t.

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@DarkScribe oh indeed, and trust me, I know a lot about good diet. I have a group of friends who are personal trainers, not to mention people who are constantly on low carb/low fat diets etc., But the real question (I may be wrong) is why do so many people eat a load of food, plus fat and stay thin, and loads of large people constantly watch what they eat and are large. It has to be genetics in this instance. My point is why can’t people just accept people the way they are. Health factors inclusive. You can alter your weight to some degree or to dramatic degrees by change in diet. But it is the some degree that remains puzzling.

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@Just_Justine why do so many people eat a load of food, plus fat and stay thin

I eat a high fat diet – more than seventy percent of my calories come from fat. I have to deliberately eat a higher quantity of carbs on occasion to keep my weight from dropping. But I also exercise for more than an hour – often two every day – no exceptions, I eat around five percent in natural carbs – fruit and vegetables – mostly vegetable and I eat the remaining twenty in protein. My protein foods also contain some small quantities of carbs, but I eat no processed carbs at all. This is all weighed and evaluated using Fitday ( It is a rigidly adhered to process.

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Wow, a lot of hate for thin people.

I used to be rail thin in high school. It sucked. People were always assuming I was anorexic or making nasty comments about how thin I was. On top of that, I looked like a twelve-year-old boy I’m female. Because I lacked any curves, girl’s clothes didn’t fit me so I bought stuff out of the boy’s section at stores. I would see these gorgeous, curvaceous girls with great boobs and nice asses crying because they “needed” to lose more weight and I would get angry. I was flat as a board up front and out back.

So, what’s my opinion on naturally thin people? My opinion is that I know what it’s like for people to be pissed at them over something they can’t control. I think there’s nothing wrong with a naturally thin person just like there’s nothing wrong with a not-thin person. As long as you’re healthy, I don’t much care about your weight at all.

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I am fat and I walk my dog and we have a wonderful time.

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@susanc I am fat and I walk my dog and we have a wonderful time.

I am not fat, but I have a fat (and very old) dog and I walk him. At least I walk him out – I sort of have to drag him back. ;)

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@KatawaGrey “lot of hate for thin people” sorry I so do not see that in this thread? Where are my reading glasses?

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Genetics, for the most part. Those lucky bastards.

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Genetics and self control.

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Haters gonna hate

I am also one of them.

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@Just_Justine: I was more referring to the first few responses and an awful lot of people do hold this belief.

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I am one myself, but I don’t like it because I want to gain weight. It’s very tough. Both my parents are very thin, so I definitely got it genetically. I also eat all the time, but don’t gain an ounce.

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Having too low a body weight can be just as unhealthy as too high. My lady had the same body-image problems as @KatawaGrey describes. I had to continuously reassure her that the body type she had was what I preferred (very thin, tiny boobs,etc); I wanted her to be healthy. As a matter of heath, she had to keep her weight over 100 lbs. Some people just have a higher metabolic rate than others. You really have no control over the basic body type that you’re born with, making jealousy and crticism illogical. All one can do is fight against the extremes of too thin or too heavy.

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Damn them!
Also, @john65pennington, I waddle my dog every day.

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I hate them~

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I had anorexia for years, people loved me then. Life is odd

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I am one of those naturally thin persons, I do get looks and people wonder why Im so thin. the truth of the matter is mostly in America is this the case. Because we have such an over abundance of food at our disposal many of us eat like the Kings of old. Look at Europe, they do not have a weight problem like we do here in the US. Most of the rest of the world is the same way. I am a very active I scuba, snorkel, love swimming at the beach or pools, I coach my daughter’s soccer team (shes 5) I play disc golf, I go camping at the beach. I try not to be sedentary with my lifestyle. Now I’m not trying to sound mean or disrespectful, I know some people with weight issues cannot help it, but I see alot that complain about their weight but yet I see them eating bags of chips and pouring soda down them in bucket fulls. I have no sympathy for them. I try to keep a rule, “Eat to live” not “Live to Eat”

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It’s unnatural. It’s a power given by The Great Satan. Just like homosexuality and left-handedness.

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@Sarcasm: It’s only fair if you lump bearded men in there too!

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@KatawaGrey Beware the power of the beard!

KatawaGrey's avatar

@DarkScribe: Ahhh! It burns…

Edit to add: Both literally and figuratively. ;)

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While some people are genetically predisposed to thinness—and others to fat (probably evolutionary in some ways), people who I know who maintain their weight are very disciplined—they simply don’t overeat—they would take a taste of that cake, not eat the whole piece, and certainly never have seconds. One person I know would eat less the next day if she found she had gained a pound. And then off it would go!

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@skfinkel: That sounds less like she’s naturally thin and more like she’s obsessed with weight.

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I’m one of those people. I’m 5’4”, about 110 pounds. It doesn’t matter how much I eat or how shitty that food is, I won’t gain a pound. I’ve been the same weight since I started college. I blame it on my parents, both of whom have always been thin and have fast metabolisms. Even at 48 and 53 they’re still very slim, so I probably don’t have to worry much about suddenly gaining 30 pounds when I turn 40 or something. And I just want to put it out there that if people think slim people have an easy time finding clothes…you are so wrong! I have the worst time buying jeans, shirts that fit correctly, and a lot of the time even FINDING the right size of clothing is impossible…it seems like stores are ALWAYS out of small and extra-small sized items, even though we supposedly have this obesity epidemic going on in the US. I like being slim, but it’s not always the easy ride most people seem to think it is…especially when you have obnoxious people telling you to eat something or that you look anorexic.

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I saw a documentary somewhere where they were showing how evoloution played a role in this. Peoples who lived in harsh environments where food was scarce developed a slower (more efficent) metabolism to help them survive surfing lean times. I guess that means I come from hearty stock.

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During, not surfing, darned iPhone!

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I’m one of those naturally thin people… I hate it too, an people hate me for hating it.

I’d like to put on some weight, just find little time to weight train to put on muscle mass.

I graduated high school in 2003 weighing 145lbs, and currently weight about 150lbs. I eat fast food daily, mcdonald, burger king, taco bell, order pizza, etc.

I fear one day it’ll all catch up to me and I won’t be able to change my bad habits though.

If I had to pick a reason why I’m still thin though… It’s that I never have sweet snack foods around my apartment. I snack on string cheese, nutrition bars, trail mix, things like that.

I went on a high calorie diet for about a month, taking in 3000 calories daily and working out to gain muscle mass, and ending getting up to 165, but i stopped, and went back to my 155lbs.

I think it has a lot to do with both genetics, and what you might eat through out the day.

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That would be me. My secret is a fast metabolism that will eventually slow down as I get older, thus dooming me.

I also don’t eat half-bad either and I exercise fairly regularly. :\

But I mean, add also the fact that everyone in my family is skinny. I think that genetics has something to do with it as well. My siblings are I are really all around the same height (I’m actually the tallest if you could believe that) and we’re around the same weight as well. My parents are also relatively thin. I can’t that wouldn’t play a part in it.

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Good for them, more power to them.

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I’ve always been a naturally thin person. My mother, her sisters and my paternal grandfather were the same. Even when I was pregnant, gaining weight was a struggle. I have no issue with food – I love food. I tend to balance what I eat, though. Trust me, I’m all about a cold beer and a slice of great pizza, when I can have that – but then I’m more likely to skip the cheesecake and I’ll go for a walk, too. Since I’ve been sick, I’ve lost more weight. Some people that don’t know me that well, or maybe they didn’t know (at first) that I have cancer think (or thought) I had an eating disorder.

I try not to complain too much, but there are moments where I’d just love to put on 5 or 10 pounds. I should also mention that before I had to stop certain exercises, I ran at least 5 miles a day. I’ve always been a runner. It just became too much on my joints and I really had to make sure I wasn’t losing weight and keeping what I have on me, well…still on me. I do think genetics play into naturally thin people, just as I think genetics are at play in regards to people that tend to be chronically overweight. Lifestyle is also involved, but I really think there’s some science to this issue.

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I am a naturally thin person. In fact, when I don’t exercise, I get even thinner. It is genetic. Everyone in my family is thin. For me, exercise is about strength, endurance, and putting on pounds! I eat very healthy and have never had food issues.

Yes, some people are naturally thin, just like others are naturally not. No, there is no secret. This is not my opinion. It is fact.

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Life’s too short to waste time haivng an “opinion” on naturally thin people just as I don’t have an “opinion” on fat people who wear too tight clothing.

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@J0E LOL! That haters-gonna-hate-guy is real funny! ^_^

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Every time I see or think of a naturally thin person, their final years suffering from osteoporosis or something comes to mind… but good for them lol

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Hm. Well. I just am not all that interested in eating. Today I had an Egg McMuffin, and a bagel with cream cheese from Micky D’s. Egg McMuffin was eaten right away. Bagel was eaten a little at a time over the morning. Lunch came. I was craving some chicken fried rice. Checked out our two Chinese restaurants. Both wanted $5-something, just for that. I said, “Hail no!” Thought about getting a $1.00 Wendy’s double stack (no fries) but was in a convenience store and saw some….chicken “flavored” noodle and veggie thing that you just pour boiling water in, for .89. Though I’d try that. Back at work I tried that. The smell alone made me ill! I dumped it all out. Had a tiny bag of potato chips instead. For “dinner” I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich and a glass of milk. That’s it for today. Not every day is this lean, but some days just are, and it all balances out in the end.

I have NO junk/snack food in the house. I virtually never buy candy. If I do it’s something like rolos, which I suck the chocolate off of until I can taste nothing but caramel. Takes about 5 minutes to eat one, and I usually put at least ½ the roll away for another time because my body has time to let me know I got my chocolate fix. Or Peanut MnM’s. Same thing. Suck off the candy coating, suck down through the chocolate till I have nothing but peanut. Can’t eat a whole $89 bag in one sitting…..

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@cak and @lilikoi…. It makes me cross eyed to see avatars that so closely resemble each other back to back!!

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@sarcasm, LOOOOL! Im naturally thin AND left handed! XD

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The chief medical officer for England, Sir Liam Donaldson, has said we are facing an “obesity timebomb”. Culinary celebrities like Jamie Oliver have launched campaigns, in homes and school kitchens, to fight the fat war.

Yet the science of weight gain is less straightforward than the headlines sometimes suggest. Why, for example, do some people seem to eat what they like and not put on weight, while others limit their diet yet struggle to shed their bulk?
A medical researcher, Ethan Sims, carried out an experiment at Vermont state prison in the US. He recruited inmates to eat as much as they could to gain 25% of their body weight, in return for early release from prison.
Some of the volunteers could not reach the target however hard they tried, even though they were eating 10,000 calories a day. Sims’s conclusion was that for some, obesity is nearly impossible. :-/
I guess it’s in the genes then!

As far as I’m concerned, you are what you eat! That makes me a pie, mash & gravy sort of guy! Lol….. :-)

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