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Help find new Luggage?

Asked by Rauljulia (1points) March 30th, 2010

Hi all. I am going for a weekend trip to Vegas with family and desperately need new luggage. I want something I can carry on board with me – nothing smaller than a 20” though. Does anyone have any recommendations? We travel a lot as a family, so I would ideally want something that can last me a while.

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Many camera and laptop packs are rated at “Carry on” size. I have a camera bag, a Lowepro Vertex AW200 that is about as big as you are allowed as carry on luggage. There are also many “Pilot’s” bags, semi hard cases that are also at maximum carry one size. Possibly check some of the travel related airline sites.

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At our house, we usually just unearth some old backbacks and use those. Considering we are a family of 5, it is very easy to find some in a cabinet or the laundry room or whatever. Backpacks are designed to be handy in the first place, so they will substitute for actual luggage cases well. It’s also very handy if you really don’t want to spend anything.

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