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Our dog just went to the bathroom on my parent's Sleep Number bed. Any help on cleaning it?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) March 30th, 2010

My mom’s on the phone with them and they’re giving her all the “We’re sorry, but you can’t clean it yourself. You have to let us come and clean it for you. The zipper will melt in the washer!” etc. Can we just stick it in the washer and dryer? Googling it isn’t helping.

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You can clean it yourself but since it is not your bed you might consider paying to have it professionally cleaned. If it is damaged in some way and you own it that is one thing but if it is damaged and someone else owns it this is different entirely (unless you are going to buy them a whole new bed!) Have you always wanted a Sleep Number bed? You might consider buying them a new one and taking theirs as an alternative.

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I would totally soak the thing in the bathtub with some Dawn dish soap and about a gallon of vinegar, then take it outside and spray it with the garden hose, then hang it to dry in the sun.


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Are we talking number one or number two?

If it’s number one, blot up as much of the pee as possible. Then go to Walmart in the pet section and buy a jug of Pet stain and odor remover. It has enzymes in it that will remove the urine and smell as it evaporates.

If it’s number two, remove as much as possible. Then go to Walmart and get the same pet stain remover but also pick up a Little Green Machine and Solution.

The Little Green Machine is a handy little extractor machine that is the best at removing spots. And because it extracts it pulls the stain from below the surface where you can’t see it but from where it can resoil the top if it’s not removed.

A good little machine to have around if you have a dog that makes messes.

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I have a Little Green. It kicks butt. ^_^

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I am wondering why? What is wrong with the dog – it is not usual canine behaviour? Is it a puppy?

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I’m going for the dumb response, I’m sure.

What do you think you mother wants you to do? It’s not a cheap bed, and your dog peed on it (I think it was pee…right?) I guess if it was my mother, I’d have it cleaned – because I probably shouldn’t have let my puppy on the bed. They have accidents…and should only be on the floor, for that very reason. In my opinion

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@cak They aren’t blaming me at all. It wasn’t anybody’s fault that he got up there and peed. Nobody was watching him at the moment. And by the way, he’s not my dog. He’s the family dog. Nobody assigned me the responsibility of watching him. Nobody assigned anybody the responsibility of watching him right then. He’s almost always on the leash with the handle in somebody’s hand. Just not at that specific moment. I was just asking what would be the best way to clean it.

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@cak – I did misread and took it as it was your dog.

To still answer your question – I guess I’m a sucker for directions…I’d still have it cleaned.

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