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So, I want to create a small candle-lit French bistro in my living room to propose...

Asked by v1kt0_7 (49points) March 30th, 2010

I want it to be awesome, with one table and two chairs to propose to my girlfriend over dinner… I need ideas for the look and feel / music / food? I want to move all the furniture out and really make it cool… We have a third floor apartment and I want to do rose petals on the stair wells of the first and second floor so she’s excited to tell me about it when she gets up, only to discover more in front of OUR door. And when she comes in, I want it to be like she’s stepping into another place…

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French music, food and wine, and you basically have it. There is no physical difference. Maybe Patricia Kass – Piano Bar – for music, or perhaps Laura Pausini, some French wine and a meal that you both will enjoy. Candlelight, fresh white linen and polished wine glasses and cutlery.

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Make sure to get a small circular table with a nice white linen cloth that is just the right size. You will also need at least 2 carafes: 1 for water and another for wine. Use white candles and tall silver holders. Don’t use cheesy french music. Try to find some classical by a French conductor.
P.S.: good luck, let us know how it turns out.

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Candles. Lots and lots of candles.

But unscented candles because the smell can interfere with the taste of the food. And be dressed up. :)

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I’ll definitely be dressed up, and will have a small round table with two chairs, maybe the tall kind you know? Mainly, I don’t know what music or “look” to go for… or the type of food, I don’t want to cook just any of the things we usually make…

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@v1kt0_7 I think I love you… ;)

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Yes, lots of candles…maybe purchase a cool divider screen, and…..make a candlelight picnic menu…wines, champagne, cheeses, breads, olives, chocolate dipped strawberries etc.

Maybe place the ring in the bottom of her wine glass before a refill or push into a strawberry where it is visible when you hold it up to her lips!

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@v1kt0_7 Mainly, I don’t know what music or “look” to go for… or the type of food

Log onto the iTunes store, search on French singers and listen to the samples. As for food, decide whether it is beef, seafood, pastry based etc., then look for a French version of a recipe based on that. Things like crepes for entree or dessert are quick and easy. Check with some local French restaurants, ask them to email or fax you their menu if you want ideas.

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I thought strongly about the divider screens actually…I want to hide the “apartment” as it were…

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@v1kt0_7 I thought strongly about the divider screens actually…I want to hide the “apartment” as it were…

That can certainly add atmosphere/ambiance.

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@v1kt0_7 wow, you are my new hero!

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@v1kt0_7 and i thought romance was dead… lucky girl! :) good luck, if there were only more men like you in the world..

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how about this CD: La Vie Parisienne? Romance only dies in those unsatisfied with life… ;)

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You can log on to “Radio Nostalgie” and listen to French music etc., and note what you like. It streams a quite good French Radio station. Depending on what you select it has sixties, seventies, eighties right up to current French (interspersed with English) pop and rock as well as classic.

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@DarkScribe great idea, thanks. Thanks everyone! Please, keep ideas coming I just got this idea last night…at 3am, I woke from a dream with it. Been trying to come up with something special for a while.

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You could try for some French travel and movie posters. Sweet talk some travel agents for older posters. That will add ambiance.

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Go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and you can get inexpensive grape vine “garland” to string about the room and maybe invest in a trellis arch you can donate after to a neighbor or friend with a yard. For the price of a cheap fish tank pump you can create a fountain or babbling water feature indoors. Get creative and have fun! Good luck and congrats in advance! I like @DarkScribe‘s idea of the movie posters!

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@Cruiser brilliant, I’m a painter as well… maybe I could paint a portrait of her in some French dress that looked hundreds of years old to hang up??

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Also, a “name…” I want some kind of sign made that looks like the name of the bistro you know? I’m French ancestrally, so I was thinking of using my Last name in the name but I’m not sure how they name things there, thoughts?

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For food, you can’t go wrong with something from Julia Child’s The Art of French Cooking. You could start with an appetizer of escargots or French onion soup. You could get a good French wine. French bread. Here are some recipes.

For music, you cannot go wrong with Edith Piaf.

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You can call it ‘Chez’ (your last name) at it means ‘At’. or you can say La Maison dux (your last name) and it would be funny because that’s for a big country house and you have a tiny apartment. hahaha Or if you have a special name for your place, like ‘love nest’ or something you can just say Maison (special name).

You are THE man! I was proposed to with pixels and never got an engagement ring… sniff
I’ve been to Paris, but it’s never been to me…..

My favorite dish at the Grande is Chevre salad.

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Propose to do what?

cazzie's avatar this is music… not pizza. hhaha

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For the music could I suggest the following album, I love it.

Quelqu’un m’a dit

Title Track

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Actually that was an awful link… but find some Piazzolla…. sexy tango music.
Much better than Mrs. Sarkozy.

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Ah – I wanna be a fly on the wall. How fun!

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I would suggest Serge Gainsbourg.

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@zephyr826 trippy…. and ick. I think you’re just being mean. He’s his own parody.

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@cazzie You don’t like Serge? I love listening to him, but I guess you’re right – he can be a little odd.

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@cazzie magnifique! this is what I was looking for…

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Well, you can always trust a girl who’s been there a few times and holds the memories deep in her heart. I can help a bit more on the menu side, if you like, too.

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Oh… if you can… get a bottle of the real champagne. Go for a Charles Heidsieck. It probably won’t be as expensive as some of the other real stuff, and you may have to hunt and perhaps request it special, but TRUST ME! I’ve done Moet… I’ve done the Dom (ick). for me…. Charlie’s is the best. Not too sweet, not too dry. Perfect. We had it New Years with some smoked salmon and capers and it was lovely.

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@cazzie yes plz on the menu if you want

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Endive salad to start.,1715,159185-254201,00.html

or if you can’t find endive….

this beef would be really nice with simply steamed baby veggies

and the dessert HAS to be chocolate…. of some sort. Something you can make in advance and put in the fridge…. something like this maybe…..

If she likes smoked salmon and not goat cheese and slightly bitter salad leaves, fix something with smoked salmon and capers.

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oh that’s just lovely I think you’ve got enough suggestions but…just wanted to say good luck I’m sure you’re onto a winner xxx

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Oh, and did I mention…. She’s a lucky girl that you’re going to such a fuss. How wonderful. Good luck! I thought I was was a twisted cynic. Look what you did to me. smiles

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@cazzie and everyone, you’re all fantastic….thank you for all the input. This will be a fantastic evening. Although, I’m still not sure if I think this is good enough, if u can believe it. ;P Any other suggestions ladies, that you would wish would have happened to you?

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@v1kt0_7 You sound sweet. The only think I would want is for my guy to be genuine and happy about doing it. Everything else is just extra and nice but unnecessary. Good luck!!!

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@v1kt0_7 you sound like a great guy!
Perhaps add a love note tucked somewhere for her to find?
That would be something that she could keep forever.

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I was going to suggest more candles, but it seems that’s been covered. Close the windows, buy a chandelier?

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You can borrow my geese and sheep if you want a more provincial French theme. lololol

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Do an image search on Google for a lot of great tips and ideas.

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