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How can i get my parents to let me have a belly button ring?

Asked by lama13576 (8points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone

I really want one

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I’d say really make sure you want one. Like wait a couple weeks or something and see if you still want one because honestly, (and no offense) I find belly button rings particularly unattractive. Sorry :/

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I remember when I was in hs bellybutton rings were all the craze. To tell you the truth all of my friends have taken them out. but if you really want one tell them ” look at least I’m asking instead of going out and just getting it. ” that used to work with my parents.

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I doubt that you will be able to convince them to let you have one. I can’t really think of a good argument for why someone needs one. I would just wait until you are 18 and go nuts.

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sometimes its easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask permission….

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Wait until you’re 18 and move out?

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It took me a month to convince my parents to let me pierce my tongue when I was 16. Research it so you know all the things that can go wrong like infections. Know how to properly take care of it. Offer to pay for the piercing, jewlery, and cleaning supplies. Talk to them rationally about it without getting upset, even if that means dropping the issue for a few days. Show responsibility in other areas such as chores, homework, ECT. And lastly if they still won’t budge dont let it put a rift in your relationship with them, its not worth it. I was the youngest of several kids so my parents were a little more leniant then most.

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I think they don’t look very nice…

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I got mine done around Easter. I love it! I told my mom that I wanted one since like 6th grade. And as I got older we talked about it and stuff. And I got it done my freshman year, so it was very clear that I wanted it or else I would have gotten over it. And on Christmas she bought me some belly rings and told me I could get it done. So I babysit for my aunt and she gave me half the money to get it pierced, and I went and got it pierced. Worse case scenario, just wait til your 18 :)

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