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Can a female spend her entire life without using a tampon (just pads)

Asked by princessa (113points) March 30th, 2010

I was just wondering if a girl could spend her entire life using no tampons and just pads? Does every girl have to use a tampon at least once or twice or can you just use a pad until your period years are over? Will any harm come to a girl if she doesn’t use tampons and only pads until her period years are over? If so what’s the harm?

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Umm, yes. And, no. It will not cause harm.

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Yep…I’m proof of that! haha

I don’t think tampons are healthy, best to let the flow…flow!

Other than a very rare occasion of swimming…I have probably used about 4 tampons in the last 30 years.

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No harm at all. Tampons actually pose a risk of toxic shock syndrome. It’s perfectly possible to never use them. I haven’t used them for years.

Tampons are convenient if you want to go swimming while on your period, and I guess they keep the odor to a minimum (not that it’s a problem with pads if you change them when you should).

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Well I certainly hope so seeing as this is what I have chosen to do (no Toxic Shock Syndrome for me thanks..)

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Well, I am 21 and I have had my period for 10 years. I have never used a tampon nor do I ever plan to. Tampons actually can cause some nasty infections if not changed regularly and I have never heard of such an incident with pads.

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I haven’t read it in the female handbook where we have to use tampons. It’s just an option. There are a few options out there…that is just one to pick from.

No harm if a woman never uses one; however, if she does…she needs to be responsible in the use of them – or there could be harm to her.

Freedom of choice…at least in this matter!

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I prefer the ‘pons to pads. Always have. For me, they’re more comfortable. But, no, it will not cause you harm if you don’t use them.

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Is it weird for tampon use to cause cramping?

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I use tampons bc pads start smelling like fish after a short while.. Bc the blood isnt that fresh-smelling. As long as you change them (tampons) every 4 hours or so nothing will happen.. And I’m proof of that lol. I handle tampons responsibly, and the last two days I use thong-pads. I also don’t trust pads at night, when I’m in my first couple of days. I end up getting up a couple of hours before I need to get up to change them, otherwise they’ll get full and start leaking.. so I quit doing that. Also I have normal ones for beginning days then I swich to mini ones!
But there’s no physical harm in using only pads.
Of course if you let your tampon in for like two days in a row, you’ll get some sort of infection.. But I hope no-one is that silly, and reads the instructions.

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And why can’t they make a pad for overnight that actually works? I have the same problem, @whyigottajoin. I never get a good nights sleep the first two days of cycle. I wake up like 5 times a night guessing when it needs a change. Grr!

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Since tampons were only invented in the 20th century, why would you think using pads only would be a problem? What do you think women did before then?

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Luckily, I’m a light flow gal all the way through. Night time, I have no worries. Cramps, though – I want to rip out my uterus and feed it to a pack of hungry wolves. First day cramps.

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I do not use tampons at all.

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Of course you can use only pads if you like. There are other options too, the Diva Cup and some some of those kinds of things.
I myself am a tampon gal. I have been using them since the second day of my first period. that was nearly 40 years ago

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Humans evolved over millenia—hundreds of millenia, in fact—before the availability of tampons or pads. Aren’t all of these things just for comfort, convenience and personal hygiene? You don’t even really need ‘a pad’ if you don’t want one. (Not to compare, but can’t the same be said of diapers?)

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I never used a tampon until a couple months ago when I wanted to go swimming at the beach and I was on my period.

But I believe you can spend your whole life without using one, no harm done. Ha-ha.

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Oh yes, and she would be better off doing so!

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I dislike tampons, and mainly used them in high school because I was convinced people could see a pad line haha. Its so rare that I actually use a tampon, and I have a light cycle anyways…
And nope, doesn’t cause any harm.

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I dislike tampons, I tried it once and never again. Pads 4 lyfe, yeeeah.

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It doesn’t cause any harm, if anything it’s safer than tampons. Tampons, as I have heard and as the tampon box tells me, do carry risks if you leave them in too long. I used to hate them but I really think it’s just about getting used to them, because now I refuse to touch a pad.

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I only use pads. I’m too scared of tampons. I don’t think I’ll ever use tampons though I’ve been considering using the diva cup.

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I agree, hug_of_war…. and tampons are too uncomfortable, imo. Well, look uncomfy, lol.

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i admit i get worried every time i have to take one out…i think…“if that little string breaks this is going to be an awful situation.” stresses me out. lol

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@Deni lol! that’s why your supossed to pull on the cord before inserting, to see if the string doesnt brake. =P

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Someone needs to get a screenshot of ‘these guys’ discussing pad and tampon usage…

We might be able to ransom it someday.

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There are women in indigenous groups living in voluntary isolation today, for example the Tagaeri in Ecuador. Maybe we can find out how they deal with this.

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@whyigottajoin i seriously never thought of that. btu then i would worry that the initial pull before it was in me was weakening it for later removal. ugh. the horror.

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@deni lol I know what you mean! That thought crossed my mind too at first. But I think I actually read that in the instructions. The company makes strong tampons so to speak, OB for example, they are supossed to be able to resist a little pulling on the cord. And that’s the way to check if anything went wrong in the production-process. So if they resist that little pull in the beginning, they will not brake later! ;)

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@whyigottajoin ill remember this from now on. i owe you one ;) lol

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