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What fortune was in your fortune cookie?

Asked by prolificus (6583points) March 30th, 2010

Today I had the Panda Bowl (fried rice and orange chicken – yum). Along with it came the customary fortune cookie that revealed, “YOU ATTRACT CULTURED AND ARTISTIC PEOPLE.”

Random FYI – recently I watched an epi of “Unwrapped” on the Food Network and I learned about the mass production of fortune cookies. There’s nothing mystical about it.

Do you believe there’s anything true or mystical about the fortune inside a fortune cookie? Do you save any of them for any particular reason? Has any fortune ever come true in your life?

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I open fortune cookies for the sole purpose of trying to find bad spelling or grammar mistakes, hopefully as a result a funny one.

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Sometimes I would save the little slip of paper with a fortune for a while that I found interesting or hoped would come true. And, no, they never came true…

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The cookie monster ate mine.

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You broke my cookie!

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I’ve noticed, lately, that “fortunes” like yours aren’t fortunes. They’re just statements. Statements you already know are true or not.

I got two over the past year and they read:
“You will overcome difficult times” which is always good to know
“You will become an accomplished writer” which is also spiffy.

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“Your troubles will cease and fortune will smile upon you.”

Lucky Numbers – 13, 24, 36, 48, 5, 17

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I never remember the message in the cookie. I do remember the great cuisine before the cookie.

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“You fill find the answer to life itself.”

Lucky Number – 42

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Insert generic fortune here :)

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I still have it.

“Happier days are definitely ahead for you. Struggle has ended.”

Lucky numbers 45, 33, 54, 12, 30, 14

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I once got one that said “This is a fortune cookie”

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The most recent was, “Your charm is irrisistable”.

I call them statement cookies nowadays.

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Here are some funny ones.

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I won a lottery using the numbers on the back of one…

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The best one I’ve ever received wasn’t really a fortune. it read “You are making history at this very moment”. I saved it for ages.

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I once had one read “You should get in touch with your feminine side”. Well, OK, but what if I were a woman? That would kinda hit me wrong. I thought these things were supposed to gender-neutral!

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Mine said ’‘The Saw is Family.’’

It’s all bs anyway haha.

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I can’t remember mine, but we always ended the fortune with “in bed.”

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@expialidocious Wasn’t that from How I Met Your Mother?

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erichw, my high school teacher was the one who planted that silly idea in my head (weird, I know). I wasn’t aware it was from a movie, though. :)

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Much older than that, y’all. 1970s, at least. I heard that one in grade school, as I’m sure the writers from How I Met Your Mother did. They’re probably around my age.

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“The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood its ground” 54,24,50,49,15,39 My most recent fortune

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last night my boyfriends was “the man on top of the mountain did not fall there”. i thought it was funny. mine sucked and i dont even remember it.

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