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Why do people become more attractive when they are in a relationship?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11434points) March 30th, 2010

Haven’t we all had a dry spell in which nothing happened but as soon as you get with someone new, you start attracting all sorts of attention?

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I think someone in a new relationship after a dry spell seems more confident and happier. That’s attractive, and other people pick up on it.

also, some dipshits like the challenge of “stealing” someone else’s partner.

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A lot of it probably has to do with the fact that anyone in a relationship is assumed to be worthy of being in a relationship. In other words, people often assume that someone in a relationship will have a lot of desirable traits. When one is single, it can often seem as if good traits are hard to find in a partner.

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Same like a job seeker – you always seem better to the recruiter if you are currently employed.

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Because you are absolutely glowing…that’s why!

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Getting some does everything for ones self esteem! ;)

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no, seriously, I think it’s because when you are in a relationship, you relax. You are not trying so hard to impress someone to get their attention so they can see the ‘real’ you.

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I’ll sum it up with one word: pheromones.

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You should ask my EX wife! Lol.. ;-)

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Actually, they don’t become more attractive. Being in a relationship in no way makes anyone any more appealing than were they not in a relationship. Actually, most women are far more appealing when they are single…

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We want what we can’t have it is human nature.
If there is something you own that you never use, you probably even forgot that you have it, you never pay it any attention.
The MINUTE someone tries to take it for themselves, you want it back. Even though they might put it to better use, you still want it. It’s odd. But think about it, you can probably think of another situation like that.

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I think all the things mentioned above; increased confidence, glow of happiness, not trying as hard so more authentic…..

I know when I have been in a new relationship, there has been a vibrancy about me that may be not as obvious at other times.

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I think it’s because you’re just happier looking & acting. People pick up on that.

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I’ve never noticed that at all, in fact, I felt the opposite.
As soon as I was in a relationship I didn’t get as much attention.

Of course, it is probably how I am now that I am in a relationship I close myself off and try not to draw much unwanted attention.

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Maybe it’s because you may see a person in a new light, one that shows how good they can be in a relationship. They may show characteristics that are attractive, that when they are single they don’t show as much.

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It’s your imagination, sort of. People want what they can’t have.

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I’ve never been in a relashionship, so I don’t know:;*

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They aren’t trying so hard. They don’t need the attention, so they can be artless, relaxed and easy when interacting with others.

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yes, they are happier… but generally not for long… :-)

I so know I’m going to get butt slapped for that

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Oh this is so true. I think when you get into a new relationship you radiate happiness, excitement, etc, etc. You glow. People are attracted to secure, confident people.

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You’re happy, and people notice that happy people are generally more attractive than the brooding type.

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I’ll go with the Celestine prophecy vibe… get love vibe thrown at you and you grow faster…..your aura is brighter, you are a healthier plant. Love is the answer to all…...fixes everything.

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Oh yes. That happens to me a lot. If I’m in a good relationship, I’m happier and more confident—two traits that are very attractive to potential mates.

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anyone read “The Secret”? It’s the law of attraction. If you are happy in your relationship and love your partner your are producing good vibes and other people pick up on those, which makes you more attractive.

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It’s all those sexy pheromones bouncing about.

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We get all glowy, positive and full of sexual tension- all the stuff people are inately attracted to. In a way, if you wanted to attract as many potential mates as possible then you could enter into an exciting relationship even knowing it might not be the best or last for very long but could pimp you to a better one. Oh, the evil.

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