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Are you a sheep, sheepdog, or wolf?

Asked by kevbo (25644points) March 30th, 2010

As you may know, I like to rail on about the phoniness of the U.S. war on terror and our insane military empire, but I do appreciate perspectives that give me insight into the thought processes of “the other” much like this one did when I discovered it a year or more ago.

So for the question above here’s a good article that I think is worthy of discussion that likens law enforcement and military types to the sheepdog and helps me understand the mentality that goes into this kind of lifestyle (and more importantly reminds me why this is something to be supportive of and sympathetic to while I’m hating on false flag terrorism and police thuggery.

Also, it’s comforting to know (and important to be reminded) that by the numbers the vast majority of the population is peaceful.

What do you think? Do you understand the mentality of the sheep, sheepdog, and wolf from personal experience? Does the article ring true for you?

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I want to be a dinosaur instead.

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I am the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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I’m a Fox. nuff said.

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I’m more of a drunken monkey funk machine

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@RareDenver I read that as fuck

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I am a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

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baa ram eue.

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I understand. The article does ring true. And, I am a Shepherd.

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@rangerr that just goes to show people see what they want to see

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@RareDenver Awwyeah. You caught me.

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Human, thanks.

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Is it Yahoo! Answers day or am I deluded in thinking this is a decent question?

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Cow rustling alien.

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Damn. That was such an awesome link that I saved it to favorites. There is no doubt whatsoever. I am a sheepdog clean through, as defined by that article. GQ

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I am more a wolf hound. I won’t protect the sheep but I will stalk the wolf.

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I cannot say. We are all capable of violence, but the specific trigger might never occur. I am basically an ewe with the capacity for violence.

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I’m a peaceful wolf, but, make no mistake about it, I do have sharp teeth and am prepared to use them if I have exhausted all other rational options!

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I am in a position not very many find themselves in. I joined the military because I couldn’t get funding to go to college. So, even though I dislike hurting others extremely, I signed up for a length of time with the AF. I remain the kind of person who feels bad for stepping on a bug, but have a job that could potentially put a gun in my hands one day. So I guess I’m more of a sheep in wolf’s clothing? If that makes any sense at all.

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@bright_eyes00 That’s a horrible decision to have to make. But, in case you do end up with a gun in your hand, thank you for doing something I did not have the guts to do. Clearly, you come from different stock than I.

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@phillis not a matter of stock, more of a what am i willing to do for my future happiness. i guess this decision was more selfish than anything. i want to be able to support my family and give them everything I never had so the military was the best option for me. i’m sure you’d be willing to do a lot in order to obtain the one thing you’ve always dreamed of. :) but thank you, i really appreciate that. it means a lot to me.

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@of course it was a selfish decision! The military made sure of that. But while you are ensuring your future – and protecting ours – I wanted to tell you how I felt about that. I thought you’d like to know. I meant every word I said.

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@phillis and as i sit here killing the last couple minutes of my shift in my wonderfully ironed uniform, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Seems like in todays day and age most would react to an individual in uniform like some used to react to an individual wearing a star of david on their chest. I’ve had mean things said to me but everytime I hear something encouraging it makes all that other bologna worth it. i make it each day not only for my future but because of people like you. when it gets hard, people like you are the ones that make it so much easier. :)

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If forced to choose, I’d choose sheepdog.

The truth is that there are violent, heartless people in the world who can and will hurt or kill you given the opportunity, and sitting them down to talk about their feelings probably isn’t going to help. It’s naive to think that violence can’t ever be an answer, when there are dangerous people in the world who only speak that language. If I see someone being violently attacked, or if I’m attacked myself, I’m not going to apologize, or give the attacker a hug. I’m going to do what it takes to defend myself or others.

Call me a hopelessly barbaric thug, but I am not afraid to answer violence with violence if it means protecting an innocent life, or the life of someone I love.

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Kevbo – are you insulting your own question?—

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Sheep. I’m not sociopathically self-interested, I don’t have the capacity to take advantage of other people, I’m not allowed into law enforcement or the military, And I don’t know how to get people to help themselves. I just don’t know shit from sunshine. All the philosophy courses and activism and whatnot just doesn’t replace the fact that I’m 22 and just don’t have good old experience. I’d love nothing more than to live in a world on a probable slow decline to catastrophe where I don’t have to worry about thinking and acting globally so I can just enjoy a quiet, simple pedestrian life.

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@YARNLADY, I was trying to be appalled without coming off like a self important d-wad.

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I was a sheep, until I had a child under my protection. I became a sheepdog that day.

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I’ve always been a sheepdog, of strong convictions, loyal, protective over my flock and not at all afraid to rip the sheeps clothing off the wolf. lol

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^^ Me too.^^


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I’m a Mountain Lion. You figure out the analogy and what it means.

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Well come on over to my mountain and run off the damn killer coyotes. lol

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Coyotes adapt better than I do. One or two of me might have a territory 200 miles in circumfrance with little overlap into the territories of other mountain lions. My little brother the coyote has learned to make use of whatever food source is available within much smaller regions. He is a smart little brother too and has learned to work together with his pack to increase his survival.
The trick is to learn how to cull is you are dependent on sheep for your own survival. You don’t want to eliminate them entirely for they serve a beneficial purpose. But in order to cull you need to learn to think like a coyote and hunt them. They aren’t easy though. They are cunning like foxes.

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