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How is your face-care routine?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6612points) March 30th, 2010

How do “Fluthers” wash their faces before bed and in the morning? What do you use? how do you start?

Mine: before bed
1. Either go shower(to save time in the morning), in the shower, I wash my face with soap ( palmolive naturals sensitive)
2. Scrub with Avon clearskin
3. Avon toner
4. go sleep….

Morning: before school
1. shower, (scrub and tone in the shower)
2. put on Nivea daycream.
3. tinted moisturizer
4. start my make up… includes(mascara, powder, sometimes eyeliner, vaseline for my lips, )

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My what? Oh, my face-care routine. Um. When I’m in the shower I soap up my face. After the shower, I put some sunblock-containing product on it because my doctor said I have to. Otherwise, it’s too late. My face can’t be fixed.

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I shave it every other day.
That’s the only attention it gets.

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I have to change mine with the season. Even though I’m 43 my skin still breaks out. In the winter I use Cetaphil cleanser and lotion – and then an acne cream at night if I need it. I also use some kind of sunscreen – typically Eucerin 30SPF. In the summer I use Dove soap and just the sunscreen during the day and then an acne cream every night.

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I never use anything on my face but water. Several times a day/

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@Thesexier Knowing that you are trying to improve your English, I just want to mention that the question should be, “What is your face care routine?”

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Soap, whatever’s in the shower. Keep the beard trimmed and shave when I’m told to >.> that’s about it.

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I have a very simple routine. I wash with ivory soap. I use a toner I make myself by dissolving aspirin in water.

For moisturizer I love shea butter or cocoa butter.

Sometimes I wear make-up and sometimes I don’t, depending on my activities for the day.

I notice a drastic change in my skin if I stay too dehydrated, or become vitamin deficient. I think half of it is staying healthy on the inside. It somehow shows on the outside.

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I am laaaazy about my face. I’ll start with the nighttime routine. a little more than half of the time I take off my makeup with one of the makeup removal wipe thingies. After doing that I put on moisturizer. The other slightly less than half of the time I fall asleep with makeup on. In the morning I use eye makeup up remover if I had makeup on the day before, and then wash my face in the shower. After showing I put on moisurizer. In teh winter I usually use no SPF, in the summer I use a SPF, unless I am going to be outside for a very controlld amount of time, like 15 minutes then I might purposefully allow some sun on my face.

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i use avon stuff because my wife sells this cosmetic crack on the side. love the facial mud stuff. hard to discipline kids in the house when i have that mask on my face, but the shit just does wonders. f

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Shower and face scrub (every other day).
To shave – Massage Trumpers skin food in to beard, shaving cream applied with a brush then shave with a straight razor.
After shaving I use an alum block and then moisteriser.


Face wash and moisteriser.

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Before bed;
1. Remove eye-make-up with pads and Eyemakeup-remover.
2. Wash face with Vichy facewash-gel, in shower or sink.
3. Vichy night-créme.

1. Wash with Vichy-gel again..
2. Ocasionall scrub with microfibercloth for face, with the Vichy gel
3. Daycreme.. Biocura from Germany
4. Make-Up. (I use green concealer to nutralize my redness, pink concealer for dark circles under eyes, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, mattifying powder.)

Oh and if I feel like it I use my 88-eyeshadow palletes to create some eyeshadow-combo to match my outfit. And then eyeliner and mascara.
When I do only eyeliner, I can make some beautifull pink or red lips to make them stand out more, and if I do eyeshadow and eyeliner, like a smoky eye or something, then I keep my lips nutral with nude colour or plain gloss.

Btw Vichy-products; I use the green ones, Normaderm for “returning impureties”.
Works really well but you have to get used two products at a time.
I first bought the whole collection; facewash-gel, facesrub, tonic, day- and nightcréme. My skin broke out with pimples, bc it was too much too handle. Now it keeps my skin acne-free though.

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1) wash with soap (whatever is handy)
2) dry

I do not grow whiskers so I bypass shave.

I would make a crappy metrosexual… too lazy for that lot.

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@janbb , hahaha thank you…thats how it was supposed to be but I was thinking of something else:)

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@whyigottajoin , wow glad u found out sooner about the set breaking out your skin:)

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In the morning, I wash my face in the shower with an Aveeno face soap, then follow it up with Clinique moisturizer.

For makeup, I just use a bit of concealer to even out red areas followed by powder, blush, and mascara. Sometimes I use eye shadow. I only do full eye makeup if we’re going out to dinner, and I stopped using liquid foundation several months ago. I used to break out every now and then, but since I tossed the liquid foundation I rarely get even a little pimple. I wish I’d stopped using it years ago!

At night, I sometimes first use a sugar scrub concoction that someone gave me for Christmas. It’s very nice, basically a big jar of oils with a lot of sugar in it. It makes my skin very smooth. Sometimes I use it all over in the shower, and it’s very nice! After that, I use the Aveeno soap again, followed by a different Clinique lotion. I forget what it’s called, but it’s more potent than the daytime stuff.

I can’t sleep if I don’t wash my face before going to bed, and then my skin feels really gross in the morning. Someone told me a long time ago that not removing makeup before you go to bed ages your face 10 days in one night. That little fact (which may not even be true) has stuck with me for years, and it’s probably why I can’t sleep if I don’t wash my face!

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my skin is horribly inconsistent. sometimes i break out, sometimes its perfectly clear. in the summer i rarely get zits and i am naturally pretty dark and its FABULOUS. then in the winter i am pale and dry and everything makes me break out. so it really depends. i always use Ponds lotion though. I love it. I use a lot of St. Ives face stuff, like exfoliating scrubs but not every day. And sometimes I use a mask. I love those things.

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I wash it with Clear and Dry (I think that’s what it’s called?) whenever I remember. Unfortunately, I’m always forgetting. So I have zits all over my face. They’re not huge, so I usually don’t worry about it. No biggie.

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To EVERYONE who has answered!!!
Now its 23:30 and I am going to wash my face with my new face stuff. Or is it bad for me to start using Nivea when I still have some Avon stuff? Today I bought
-Nivea Visage young wash off! effective cleansing gel
!! Nourishing day care (cream)
– control shine mattifying gel cream

I don’t know which line to use them:( any help???

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1. In shower wash my face with Dove facial soap
2. out of shower I wash with apricot facial scrub
3.put on my facial cleanser/mask
4. Apply facial lotion plus sunscreen
5. Use acne pad on problem areas
6. Finish with Clean and Clear lotion

1. Wash face with facial soap
2. Apricot srub
3. Facial lotion plus sunscreen
4. Make up

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It depends because I’m pretty inconsistent. Things I do some of the time:

Cleansing- castle soap
Acne treatments- aspirin mask, bentonite clay mask, face vacuum thingy
Moisturizer- coconut oil, Nature’s Gate lotion
Exfoliation- exfoliating cloth, aspirin mask
Toning- Witch hazel
Grooming- plucking eyebrows, makeup

I use lotion and a cotton ball to take off whatever makeup I have on before bed.

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I only wash my face when I shower, otherwise my skin gets dried out.
I use Alba facial scrub and that’s about it. I’ll use something with salicylic acid if I get a pimple.

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In the morning, I go in the shower, put some Dove soap on my hands, rub my face, rinse. After each meal, and once before bed, I splash water on my hands, rub my face, and dry. I do not use any make up, cream, moisturizer or other product.

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I use all my freebies I got at the make-up counter so depends

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I wash my face in the morning and in the evening before bed and put on moisturizer. I make sure not to scrub hard and the final rinse is with ice cold water to close the pores.

In the summer I put on sun screen in the morning instead of moisturizer.
What most people don’t realize is that a good nights rest, besides cleaning it at night, is the best thing you can do for your face.
And when wearing makeup stay away from oily makeup that clogs your pores.

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Homemade soap: 2 parts sand, one part jojoba oil, one part witch hazel, five parts water, and a few drops of tinctures of sandalwood and citrus. Wash face once daily, but not necessarily the same time every day. When I shave, I let hot water open my pores and let some sandalwood oil soak into my face. I shave with the grain, across the grain, then against the grain, then wash, let a bit of jojoba oil soak in, and seal it up with cold water. Correct shaving can make or break a man’s face. As for sunscreen, the sun only sines in Portland about 5 hours a year, so I don’t worry too much ^_^

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Cetaphil wash and Proactiv lotion afterward. Once at 8am and once at 8pm.

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Well, I wash my face using a colour & perfume free facewash while showering. & I shave after washing my face. Then I use a colour, perfume, & alcohol free aftershave balm.

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wow now I really see how everyone is ‘kinda’ obssesed with their facesxD Anyways its gooad and giving me some good quick ’washing tips’ for my face:)

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@Thesexier I don’t think its obssesion but rather your face is the first impression people get and healthy skin makes a good impression. The rest of it you really have to work hard at. LOL

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@Pandora, hahaha yeah…its always the face that other people mostly notice on

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@Thesexier ok, its safe to say that other things may get noticed first but they can be covered if its not appealing. Your face is out in the open. Unless you are from the middle east where you can get away with wearing a cloth around your face. Makeup can only cover up so much, especially in sun light. Heck sometime make up can make things appear worse.

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@Pandora That’s why you have to make sure that your face, your “canvas” is prepared and well taken care of. When your skin is ok, then make-up wont make anything worse, It’ll enhance your natural beauty. Your not supposed to see make-up in sunlight. And when applied right, you won’t. There’s just some basics one needs to know.

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Look at my avatar, you tell me.

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