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Which is better and why: Fluther or Yahoo Answers?

Asked by heydrew (38points) March 30th, 2010

I’ve used Yahoo Answers for a while and in find I get good answers pretty fast. For those of you that have used both, why do you use one over the other, or do you tend to post the same questions on both?

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“How is babby formed?”


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FLUTHER. It is the only way to go. There is the amazing community of amazing people. Yahoo Answers is for trolls.

@jjmah Also, the frizzer question.

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With Yahoo!Answers, you can go back and ask the user to explain his answer. You just have to guess if it’s correct or not. Here on Fluther you can keep up a correspondence with the user until you are sure you understand what they are saying. Plus on Y!A there is a limited time for people to answer, and here you can receive answers for the rest of your life.

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Fluther questions are a little bit more like a modern-day IRC/chat room.

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Fluther is an amazing meal that appeals to many palates. Yahoo Answers is no more than shit in a toilet that someone intentionally didn’t flush. Or something.

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Yahoo answers.

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Answerbag, obviously.

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There’s a lot of Q&A communities. I would find the one that suits you best and stick with it. So…if you’re a teenager wondering if they are pregnant or you can’t spell the word “definitely” you probably will enjoy Yahoo! Answers more. If you’re into intelligent, thoughtful discourse Fluther is your friend.

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@timtrueman Not that we’re prejudiced or anything. :-)

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is there any way to ask for add’l information on a answer someone has given (via threading), other than this way that is simply in line?

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@heydrew You can send a private message to the user, ask them inline (with the @username syntax), or hop on over to chat to discuss things.

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Fluther! No other.

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Seriously, you have to ask?!!

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I don’t frequent other Q&A sites but I will say the Fluther is not, in my opinion, getting better as it gets older.

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My true opinions:

UClue is better than Answerbag (but you have to pay)
Answerbag is better than Fluther (Fluther has inconsistent and overbearing moderation)
Fluther is better than Yahoo! Answers (Fluther’s technology is MUCH better, Yahoo also has had its share of moderation problems.)

If Fluther fixes their moderation I will stay here no matter what Answerbag does. If Answerbag fixes their site redesign before Fluther fixes their moderation I will switch back. If both stay broken I’m tempted to create my own damn Q&A site even though I know it will be very costly and I will likely never recoup my investment.

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@timtrueman I have a hard time spelling definitely, but yet I stay…

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@malevolentbutticklish You can start up your own Q & A site for free and it’s very easy. Some of the Jellies have already done it.

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I think @YARNLADY has a great idea. I wholeheartedly support @malevolentbutticklish starting his own Q&A site.

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I’m with @YARNLADY and @PnL. Why don’t you give it a try @malevolentbutticklish?

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I’ve never used Yahoo Answers, but it can’t help but be better than this place. There are a bunch of crotchety old so-and-sos here and they never listen to anyone. Half the questions are about their own navels. I once met a guy who couldn’t keep the same name, and kept on disappearing in a pathetic attempt to gain attention. I think they banned him. If not, they should have.

No, this place is full of personalities who think they know something, but, in fact, know something.

YA! I’m sure, is full of mild-mannered, well-intentioned, incredibly bright people who always give you answers you can count on. Yup. YA! Definitely.

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@wundayatta I’m sorry to disillusion you, but you are operating on out of date information. I was one of the first 500 people on Y!A in the old days when everything you say is true, but unfortunately, the Yahoo Management dropped the ball.

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Fluther is the one and only. Why? Because that’s just the way fate planned it all along.

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@YARNLADY @PnL @jjmah: Thank you very much for the link to ning but the technology is less than half the battle. Once you have good technology you still need a good team, a good brand, and good exposure. The costs of customer acquisition can be immense. Most people don’t realize what acquiring their head cost.

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@malevolentbutticklish It is obvious you haven’t even tried. All you have to do is set up the site, then send out a notice on Facebook, Multiply, and Twitter that you have a site that provides (whatever you are doing better) and they will flock to you.

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@YARNLADY: Thank you for your support but it is a major investment of time, energy, and money. If I decide to go for it I will be certain to let you know.

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This is like when DirecTV comes on during commercials and tells me how much I’m losing out by not subscribing to DirecTV.
“But I already have DirecTV”

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Umm @YARNLADY That was satire.

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@wundayatta I knew that – right back atcha

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Yahoo is good. is a free for all for sure!

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@YARNLADY Actually, I was being serious! ;-)

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@wundayatta that is so unlike you

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@YARNLADY Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s a dirty job. Someone’s got to do it. Just so long as it’s not me.

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@heydrew How’s 701 First Ave treating you? Do they still not have the coffee shops open in the afternoon except in building C?

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