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Will harm come if you cut hair with scissors?

Asked by princessa (113points) March 30th, 2010

Not hair on your head but the hair on your legs and armpits and your pubic. Will there be harm done if you cut that kind of hair with scissors? Because if no harm can come then it would be easier than shaving and waxing. And if harm can come then what is it?

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harm? I think you mean itchiness….

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Uh, you won’t get all the hair, but if you want to cut it with scissors, make sure you don’t have skin pulled up because that might sting a bit.

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Scissors?! You’re going to do a crappy job. It won’t be close & it won’t last.

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why not just shave it with a knife?

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Cutting that hair with scissors is not going to be easier or faster than shaving or waxing. It’s also not safer – you’re more likely to cut your skin open with scissors than with a razor.

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Oh Jeez…you little whippersnappers…just BURN it off! lololol

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It won’t hurt the hair, but it certainly could hurt your skin. In addition, it would take way longer, and do a crappy job of it, too.

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If I cut mine no. If Aris cuts his or someone else does? Oh, yes. Some serious harm will come to them.

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You can’t harm your hair. Hair is already dead. In fact it’s dead by the time it emerges from under your skin. Perhaps I don’t really understand what you’re asking.

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Scissors near your business…umm I can think of lots of harm that can be done! Such as cutting of your labia. Just stick with shaving and waxing.

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Most people here seem to think you want to shave. I am going to assume you have hair which is 1.5” that you instead want 0.5”. In this case no harm will come if you cut your hair with scissors.

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If I cut my pubes with scissors i’d fear giving myself a nasty prick & that won’t do at all.Not the family jewels no no no no too priceless.

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@ucme Hehehehe! What kind of prick?

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@Trillian…..would cut their pubes with a pair of scissors?

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@ucme ....A teeny weeny peenie?

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@Trillian Certainly not me, on both counts,you saucy mare!

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@ucme ;-) Roger that.

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