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Want some clear information about how the health care reform may affect you?

Asked by janbb (54393points) March 30th, 2010

Here’s a link from the New York Times science section of March 30, 2010 with some clear info about the new rules.

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Thanks a bunch. I don’t really have to worry much about this because the military pretty much gives me all the medical I need but I have been rather concerned about my grandparents. I really appreciate you posting this link. Thanks again.

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It is not going to affect me until 2014 and, by then, it is not going to matter to me. Regarding myself and others like me, Obama completely dropped the ball.

I hope it helps others.

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Obama had to compromise with the Republicans, who are basically pwned by all the mega-corporations.

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Corporations own the politicians.
The corporations pwn us.

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Yeah, like a lawsuit to penalize me for not being insured is really going to be hard to beat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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I was sorta hoping that putting some real information out there would stop some of the bloviating. Just sayin’

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@bright_eyes00 This week’s Time Magazine’s cover story has a breakdown on the law’s effect on different groups. The major change for Srs is they will close the doughnut hole in drug coverage. That is right now if they have Medicare Part D they pay 25% of drug costs up to about $3600/yr. The next $3600 they pay entirely by themselves. What changes is the new law extends coverage over the $3600—$7200 hole.

@Arisztid @HungryGuy You answers need clarification. Did you actually read the NYT link or is it enough to just pop off? Why doesn’t it matter that the law didn’t change your status immediately or does nothing matter if it doesn’t affect you directly. ie equal opportunities for women and conservation of the Chinook salmon don’t matter because it doesn’t directly.

And Obama had to compromise. Compromise-what a novel concept. When did they start doing that in American politics? How about when they wrote the Constitution?

@Captain Fantasy Boingggg!

@davidbetterman That fine protects me from having to pay for your medical bills

@janbb Thanks for the link

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@galileogirl No it doesn’t, as I won’t be paying it. They cannot make me pay it either, and they still must give me medical care should I require it (at the ER).

@janbb Isn’t calling it bloviating actually bloviating in itself?

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The Exspenses.

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The only way you won’t pay it is if you are a minor and/or you don’t pay taxes. If the former, it explains an immature attitude. If the latter you are already freeloading and the IRS may be right behind you.

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Not so. Some people are not paying taxes, and have informed the IRS that they won’t do so until the system is made to conform to the US Constitution.

They are not freeloaders, the people paying the illegal taxes are simply cowards.

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@galileogirl To put it flatly, odds are I am going to be dead by 2014, when I become eligible for healthcare because I have none right now. Anything else does not change that fact. On the unlikely chance that I live that long, I shall have some bets to pay up.

That clear enough for you?

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@davidbetterman That is simply not true, people who try that false line are arrested and put in jail.

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Ultimately I will be on Obamas death watch list so; ca sara sara.

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@Arisztid If that’s what you are counting on, don’t. When I had stage 2 cancer in 2001, I wasn’t supposed to make it 5 years. The heart attacks in 2003 were supposed take me out and the stroke in 2005 was supposed to be my death knell. But even if I knew I wouldn’t wake up tomorrow, healthcare reform would still be important because I understand there are millions of people in this country who need it. I understand there is a world past my front door.

That clear enough for YOU?

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@galileogirl You are not getting my point and you are a rude piece of work to boot with that vile snippet about me not seeing past my front door. Look at my first answer to this and you will see that you are wrong.

I did not insult you yet you make free insult of me. Oh, I know, you are just “debating.” Since you are a rude piece of work you are now on my “don’t see” list. When your avatar comes up, I will not see it.

I do not need to respond to you due to your lack of manners. You can respond to me and I shall ignore you.

I hope that was clear. If it was not, I do not care.

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@galileogirl As Arisztid’s wife, and knowing a bit more about his health than you do, I can say, without qualifications, that you are blowing hot air. You are so gung ho about this that you don’t bother reading what people are saying. Rather than questioning if people went to that link, why don’t you stop and read the ‘question’ itself I say ‘question’ like that because there was no actual question asked that people here are actually answering

The asker is putting it forth for each individual, not for what it will do for the country. Had you bothered asking, or paying attention, you would know that both Aris and I, along with many others, are quite happy that something is being done. What Aris is saying is that it drops the ball for him. Yes, he may still be alive and in decent condition when or if coverage comes in to help him, but he needs help now, not four years from now. As do I.

I am not like Aris. I have no problem telling people like you to get your head out of your arse and pay attention to what is said, not what you want people to say.

Want another example? How about me? This was made a law before I had surgery. But, because I, too, am one that the ball has been dropped on, I will have a medical bill of several thousand dollars because I have no insurance. Will it help me in the future? Probably. Will it help with this massive debt that it could have helped with? Don’t make me laugh. oh, just FYI, Aris did not mention me in his answers because it asked for each individual, and because he feels I will live past the 2014 date.

You are being extremely rude and abrasive to him and to others. That is not conductive to a good conversation thread.

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I reiterate what I said about those who “don’t see” beyond their own front door.

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Looking in a mirror, are you?

To quote you, That fine protects me from having to pay for your medical bills That is your only concern.

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@Keysha Precious, that was a metaphorical me of course. You may not be aware of this but every state is in a precarious financial condition. Most major cities are on the brink of bankruptcy many cities are too, A significant part of that has to do with covering the expenses of the un- and under-insured. Under the health care law, those costs will be reduced so that school years will not have to de reduced, police and firemen will not be laid off and parks and recreation areas will not have to be closed. That is the cost of no insurance to all the “mes”.

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@galileogirl I’m aware of more than you could possibly believe. Including your abrasive, uncaring attitude. I again point out, this question is talking about the individuals that are answering it, not how they feel about the overall issues.

Again, Aris and I, as well as others, are for health care reform. All we are saying is this law has dropped the ball. Regardless of what you think of us, the uninsured, we do want it. We just don’t like this stopgap, halfassed measure they have in place.

~Of course, we should all just love it since you think it is so great, I’m sure.~

I also wish to point out that a number of states are actually taking this law to court, questioning the constitutionality of it.

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[mod says] Flame off, folks. Let’s not make this personal.

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By the by…uninsured parties receiving free medical care is nowhere near a significant part of why we teeter on the brink of economic ruin in our States and cities.

If you recall, the real estate fiasco of the 2000 – 2007 period contributed hugely to this problem. As did the stock market debacle of ‘99 – 2001.

And not least of all is the incredibly criminally insane waste of money and humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan…

The health-care situation barely scratches the surface compared to those 3 realities.

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I’m replying here to see if my post is displayed with my name and avatar or that of someone else. :-o

BTW, I’m Brian1946, not brian1946 sandwiched between 2 slices of randomly variable alphabetic slices of bread. -p

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@timgalileogirlewen I’m sensing a pattern here. Is this your April Fool’s joke?

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What with the April 1 nonsense today with the random avatars and scrambled usernames, it’s rather difficult to follow who is saying what here.

@timgalileogirl (or whatever your real screen name is)—That NYT article is very informative, but that doesn’t change my answer that Obama had to compromise with the Republicans to get the current bill passed. In the States, as in the UK, nearly all laws are a compromise between the right-wing and the left-wing. What about my statement needs clarification?

In the UK, everyone has heath coverage through the NHS (National Health Service). Yes, there is a tax that pays for it, but there is no fine for not having coverage because everyone is covered by default. Your new system coming about in 2014 is basically a gift to corporate executives in the health insurance industry.

—Hungry Guy

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