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Are you a social media holdout? What are your reasons?

Asked by ftp901 (1300points) March 30th, 2010

In this day in age it is hard to find that rare specimen among us that doesn’t have a profile on some large social media site. If you are one of them, please list the reasons you have chosen to resist the peer pressure I’m sure you must be facing.

Please only answer if you do NOT have a profile on ANY of these sites:
– facebook
– twitter
– linkedin
(specialized sites like fluther don’t count)

Also, it would be helpful if you could provide your age (or at least a range like teens, 20’s, 30’s)

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I have a picture on Facebook taken when I was 5 and a note saying that I check in once a month, if that. I feel no peer pressure and find most of the comments banal and boring.

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How could I be? I Fluther
[but I can’t stand Twitter]

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I’m not on any of those and avoid them like the plague. My reasons are:
I find them time wasting
I’m not terribly interested in what my ‘friends’ are doing
If my real friends really want to reach me, they have my number and can call me and actually speak to a person. Not at a person.

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I am old.

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I just turned 50 and held out forever ..then a bunch of friends convinced me to take out a facebook profile. It’s been a year and I have lost interest for the most part..( same way fluther will go eventually I am sure. lol )

I do enjoy making photo albums to share with those that live out of town.

Everything has it’s season. ;-)

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I am not social.

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Yes. I think the whole thing is a stupid fad.

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I prefer to be somewhat anonymous on the internet. Anyone important will know how to reach me.

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I have closed most of my accounts ! Too many weirdos and pervs !!
I could never get into the whole Twitter thing !!

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I’m 67 years old and way too busy for that sort of nonsense.

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But this ( fluther ) nonsense is okay?

There is no difference…practically the same thing IMO.

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@Coloma It is close, but I don’t like the ‘real time’ aspects of it. I don’t use the chat here for the same reason. I prefer to be able to revisit my words and make changes as I go along, which I haven’t see as possible on the other networks.

Plus – how many Fluther-like things can I do in one day? I’m already on several other Q & A sites, I do volunteer edit work on Wikipedia, and manage to fit in my daily homemaker tasks as well.

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I fail to see the purpose. If I have friends I want to keep in touch with, I give them a call, or send an email. They don’t need status updates from me, and they don’t need to know what I’m up to every second of every day.

I’m in my mid 20’s.

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I agree with the no chat thing too…not my thing. You are a busy web mistress! lol

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I’m pretty much a social network addict. :)

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I am not a holdout. I think Facebook serves a very nice function. I am over 60 and on my own again and I can’t believe the number of old friends I have rediscovered through Facebook including someone I haven’t seen in 35 years whom I’ll be seeing in two weeks. My nieces and nephews are all on there too. My friends and family are varied and the glimpses into their activities is like a smorgasbord. Occasionally something interests me enough to pursue it and I learn things just like I do here.

The big difference is the relative anonymity of Fluther compared to the specificity of Facebook. [Someone who knew the inventor of Facebook said he developed it originally to meet girls and get laid.]

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Tonight I set up a few IM accounts, but I’m not sure if I did them correctly or not. Far too many options and references to stuff I’m clueless about – twitter, SMS, Facebook. I’m not that old but this shit is confusing!

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I would rather drag my self over a bed of broken glass and then jump in a vat of rubbing alcohol than ever join Facebook. And I’ve never even checked out twitter, so I have no idea what it’s like.

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I have heard a lot about twitter never used it….only time I have used myspace/Facebook was for certain friends or messages. I have not been on either in a while. I use myspace for songs I record here and there…..thats about it. I’m 19…I just kind of don’t care but I also don’t have many friends,quiet guy type so maybe that is why?

I did not even know what linkedin was till I googled it just now.

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Same things a lot of people have said. I enjoy anonymity, I find them banal and boring, and I prefer to use the phone to keep in touch with people. Twitter to me just seems so incredibly ego-driven and attention whorish, does anyone really need to be updated on the mundane happening of your daily life? and I thought technology was supposed to make things exciting…

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Ah yes, I’m also avoiding a number of old acquaintances. ‘We’ve graduated, I don’t really care to see your face any more than I did then.’ I had poor relations with many of them…

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@PacificToast Excellent point about avoiding people. There are a few individuals I really don’t want to hear from again, ever. (and no, I don’t mean ex-girlfriends).

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