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I'm sort of a heavy smoker. But with this new job (8 hrs per day,) I made the decision not to smoke except during my one break (30 minutes for lunch.) It isn't really bothering me at all. Anyone have any idea why?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) March 30th, 2010

I’ve smoked pretty much since I was stupid enough to try it as a teen. I did quit when I was in my 20’s for eight years, and I remember that nail-biting, crawling up the wall feeling for the first few weeks, and the thinking about it every day for the first year. I’ve also experienced “stress” in a long, boring meeting when I’m thinking “Geez! Give me just five minutes, then I can take another two hours!”

But with this new job I go from 8 to noon (4 hours) with no smoke. Smoke 2 or 3 in 30 minutes, come back and go 12:30 to 4:30…and the four hour no-smoking time (when, left to my own devices I’ll smoke every 15 minutes) hardly bothers me. In a regular 8 hours I’d smoke a pack. A far cry from 2 or 3….

I’m not particularly busy. I have time to do…other computer things. I can’t quite figure out why, since it’s bothered me so much in the past, it doesn’t really bother me now.

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Maybe you’re just over it. In any case, congratulations!

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Sounds to me like you are nearly ready to quit.

I was a heavy smoker 2–5 churchills a day. I tried quitting and cutting back several times and could not do it.

Then I got into a situation where like you I could not smoke at work. I would have to go off campus to smoke and my work area is near the middle of the 160 acre campus.

So I just quit. That was 20 years ago and I still have about ¾ of a humidor full of cigars. I still get a craving occasionally, but I just get busy with something and it goes away.

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It sounds to me like it is the mind being preoccupied/distracted with other things that gets you to forget about it. Maybe that is the key to being able to quit?

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I used to smoke a pack a day. I quit cold turkey without turning back. I can pick up a cig every now and again at a social event or something and it won’t effect me the next day. Maybe you don’t have an addictive personality. Way to go, though. Congrats

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You probably don’t want to lose your job over something as stupid as putting seriously hot carcinogenic smoke into your delicate lungs.

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it’s a bit like a really really long flight or being in hospital or anyplace you can’t smoke. You put it out of your mind. I’ve smoked since I was a little kid

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Because you’re actually really really smart and you know how much I hate it when you smoke.

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The receptors in your brain are probably laying low for a while. I suspect they are planning a vicious comeback in the near future, watch out Val, they’ll get you at your weakest.

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It sounds like something about your job is more important to you than smoking.

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It’s because you’re staying busy and not giving an idle mind over to boredom. Either that, or it’s because your job is still new, and the challenge of it has thus far overpowered the anxiety of nicotine withdrawal. Don’t fret. The smokers challenge returns with a vengeance after the newness wears off and the job becomes mundane. I give it two to three weeks before the anxiety hits you again. That’s when your real fight begins.

What @HTDC says is very true. But there is a way to prepare yourself for the approaching battle. You’ve got a couple of weeks to prepare, so take advantage of this lull in the storm wisely. Soon, as the newness of the job wears away, you will again be searching for new a stimulation. That’s when your battle with smoking will return.

The key is to find a new stimulation in the downtime. Sunflower seeds? Lollipops? Biting pencils or twiddling ink pens… anything to replace the oral fixation of smoking. Cinnamon sticks? Chewing straws? Matchsticks? Better find a replacement sooooon!

Good luck!

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Well, it really only takes 2–3 cigs a day to keep the physical addiction alive. But if you can go that long, quitting might be easier. Good luck!

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Another distraction could be a hobby or meditation. Change the life habits which give you cause to want to smoke. Join a health club or begin a walking/jogging regiment. Take up photography and start your mornings with an artist date. Find a favorite park bench (away from home) and start journaling.


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I’d think it’s something to do with the job being new and your tension level. Once it becomes routine then the smoking will call to you more often? That’s how it goes for me anyway.

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Your job might have a positive influence on your brain chemistry. I think it’s wonderful !

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Actually….I’m NOT that busy! Lots of down time. I really don’t understand it. I know that a few years ago when I was working in a restricted environment, it drove me nuts. It’s just odd.

@Rarebear Awww!

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