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When was the last time you made a mix-tape?

Asked by jeanmay (3424points) March 31st, 2010

This question was inspired by an article I saw about cassettes making a comeback.

When I was a teenager the only thing I could expect for my birthday from my pals was a mix-tape. These were near works of genius, lovingly created by spending an age cosied up with a cassette player. The best ones were those that managed to find a balance between the ballads and the more up-tempo tracks, and they usually included songs that held a shared meaning for giver and recipient.

When was the last time you invested time, love and creative energy in such a gift – mix-tape or otherwise. What is the contemporary equivalent of a mix-tape (not an itunes playlist)?

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Excellent question….. it must be about 10yrs in reality. I used to make them all the time in Uni, different mixes for different occasions, but at some point I guess I no longer had a tape deck with which to record on.

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I made a “mix cd” for someone who was very special to me last year…..all those songs that made me think about them, all those songs that I hoped would make them think about me… cut a long story short, the mix tape failed, and my heart was broken.

After that relationship I made a vow never to spend hours creating a mix tape/CD for anyone ever again. Because evidently it destroys all those songs for you when everything falls apart. CRY.

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Since my stereo broke several years ago I’ve only made CD mixes. The last one I made was for the woman I thought I was going to spend my life with. I was wrong and yeah, all those stupid songs remind me of her. I seriously doubt I’ll ever make one again.

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maybe 10 years ago. maybe more, maybe less, with itunes coming in the picture, I rarely listen to CDs at all except in my truck.

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@j0ey Thats rather sad….. here, have a <hug> from the dark side :)

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I regularly give and receive “mix” discs. Tapes were the way to go back in the day!

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@Cruiser Tapes were more durable as well.

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wow, probably the mid 90’s was the last time I made an actual mix-tape. I used to really enjoy doing that too, I’d spend hours getting exactly what I wanted, I think I had more mix tapes than originals.

now-a-day’s it’s all customized playlists and the random setting for me.

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I used to make them for myself all timw when I had a cassette player in the car. That was about 3 years ago. When my cassette player broke I stopped making them.

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I made one for my mom last week. She requested every spare second to be filled to the brim with Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue. (no, my mother is not a gay man)

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My husband and eye made a mix cd when we got married as part of the gift bags for the people who were traveling a long way. We picked songs that we both liked, things that were important for us, and then songs that were just good for a long drive. It was a different experience because it was for a group of people rather than one person, but it was fun.

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My daughter made me a few mixed cd’s for a party I had last summer.

Recently I came across 2 of them in my car while driving…totally cracked me up as I had never noticed her labeling on them.

The 1st said ’ Gay mix’ the 2nd ’ REALLY Gay mix!’ lololololol

Thanks honey!

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1998. For a dude. I hope he liked it :/

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