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How would you feel about a friend dating one of your parents?

Asked by hug_of_war (10725points) March 31st, 2010

Assume everyone is of legal age to be in a sexual relationship and your parents are divorced or widowed. Would you forbid them from being together if they were attracted to each other?

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It would be especially weird for me since all of my friends are either married or gay. But if the really wanted to be together, I’d tolerate it, I wouldn’t love it..

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I must say I would be a little disturbed… one wants one of their friends banging their mum.

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Oh heavens-above, what a thing to have to consider. Well, I wouldn’t forbid it, after-all I’d have no-way to enforce this…. but it would be sooo creepy!

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….and saying that, no one wants to have their best friend talk about how good your Dad is in bed, and then be like “ohhh thats right, hes your dad…sorry”


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@j0ey “one of their friends banging their mum”..... well, I think it’s about time to go scratch my eyes out now!

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@JeffVader hahahahahahahhahaha

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@j0ey Hehehe….. thats just soooooo wrong girl!

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@JeffVader its just the reality of the situation…

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@j0ey & you just had to paint it in such vivid colours….... Well, I think that bottle of JD in my kitchen will be taking a hammering tonight :)

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Weird idea, but not mine to control. They might not remain such a close friend, though.

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hahaha dont turn to the bottle @JeffVader…..only do that if you find out its actually happening.

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I would have to

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I would laugh my ass off that any of my friends would date anyone that old and if they did I would seriously beat on their head to try and knock some sense into them.

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@j0ey Still, better that than….... killing catering with a thought! ;)

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@JeffVader hahahaha stop making me laugh…I’m trying to study

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I’d still feel FRIKKIN WEIRD about it =S

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@hug_of_war Is this hypothetical? Or is this an actual situation that you are facing? I would think that a good friend would not even get involved with another friend’s parent. There are plenty of other dating prospects out there that won’t ruin a friendship (potentially)—Or I would only find it appropriate if he/she asked for your permission first and got your approval.

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Can we say fuck or fucking here on fluther? We can can’t we? O_o! Why am I censoring myself lol.

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@whyigottajoin Pretty sure we can….. Dr Reed.

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@whyigottajoin let the colourful language begin!!!

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Hey, I’m all about people living their lives, regardless of their relationship to me. I don’t see the point in trying to direct other peoples lives because of my desires. I can only control me and my behavior, so they can do as they please and I will do what works best for me.

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The thought that they could one day be considered my parent instead of my friend… that’s just not on. They could take any other 50-something-year-old they wanted, but not my mum or dad.

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@iphigeneia I agree. If it was a close friend, this wouldn’t even be a possibility (I would think) Almost sounds like a spiteful act to do something like this.

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@Exhausted… your saying you would be ok with a friend banging your mum? you would have NO ill feelings toward the situation even if you didn’t verbalize them??

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I wouldn’t forbid. It isn’t my concern what my parent or friend does in the bedroom providing they are of legal age (and leave animals out of it :P).

Not saying it wouldn’t be awkward for me personally, but that is my problem to get over, not theirs.

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I think I would lose in that case. I don’t think I would be comfortable being around them. It would be sad, but that often happens when people become couples. In this case it would just be a little creepier.

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Too late for the bucket. Bring the mop.

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@whyigottajoin You just did, and yes, you can.

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@j0ey I would have to say yes I would have to accept it, whether I approved or not. There are more ways to live your life that I can possibly fathom. Each person has a right to live their life the way they choose regardless of how I feel about it. Who am I to expect anyone to live their life in a manner that is best for me? I don’t have to like it, but I have to accept it. If it were my parent and a good friend, to resist or attempt to persuade them to do otherwise would mean I would lose my parent and my friend. I would rather live in an environment that is peaceful and serene than struggle against something I have no right to change.

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Eeewwww. Just eewwwww.

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Any one of my friends would be discouraged from dating either of my parents but not due to age issues. Our family has a history of mixing it up when it comes to age differences and multiple spouses, that’s been the least of any problems.

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Well I am 45. My parents are 76.

It would be creepy, but more power to them.

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I don’t know anyone who’d in my circle that would tolerate my mom’s beliefs so it’s really unlikely but if it happened then it’s fine by me.

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I’d feel sorry for them! My Mams quite a handful :-/

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By definition i’d be forced to call him a Mother fucker.

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Well I wouldn’t mind at all. I wouldn’t forbid it either, each to their own life I say.

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True and really weird story. My father passed away last January. One of my friends approached my mother and asked her if she would be interested in going to dinner. I didn’t know until after the fact, when my mother slipped and told me – after two glasses of wine. She thought it was sweet, but declined. She isn’t even interested in dating and it wouldn’t have been him, if she was! I was a bit floored, and wondered why he was dodging calls about an upcoming event at my mother’s house. Guess I have my answer, now!

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@Exhausted I was just drawing attention to the fact the question was “how would you feel if….”.....not “how would you react if….”

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Now, it really wouldn’t matter. 20 years ago would’ve been another story, and I would’ve been very upset. The age difference would have made it a much bigger deal to me.

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