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What did you cover in your college level beginning drawing class?

Asked by gememers (445points) March 31st, 2010

I’m looking for an overview of the course you took.

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Perspective, Line, Composition, Shading, Direction, Size, and Texture

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My class covered basically all that @earthduzt said. We started out drawing on newsprint paper and drawing simple still life objects like cones, spheres, and boxes. Then we worked out way up to more complex still lives like a stool or chair and used white paper. We also went from drawing with pencil to charcoal so we could shade and erase for lighting. Then we started drawing organic things like plants, and even went outside sometimes to draw whatever we wanted and to work with a natural light source. One class we also went in the hallway to practice drawing in perspective.

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Perspective and shading primarily, as well as the inclusion of the ’‘smudger’’, which is awesome for drawing.
But technicalities in the span of nearly four years were often intercept by the history of art through different cultures, so more often than not we found ourselves trying our hand at Inuit paint art and the reproduction of famous pieces by the famous seven. :/
It was interesting though that we got to try a lot of different mediums, even sculpting but it was primarily a drawing course, and I was always disappointed when I had to spend a week on some project that didn’t involve Lumograph pencils haha.

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Value,Tone, Volume


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man teach baxter how to make fire for warm

baxter make fire
baxter then get bored use mud to draw on cave wall
baxter get passing grade for day

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@baxter Where do they offer that course? I want in.

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@monocle walk down street and take 2nd left. monocle will come across large boulder. baxter and cavefriends behind big rock. make noise before talk or cavefriends mistake for evening meal. we decide if monocle fit for advanced art class but no worry, not everyone be

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We basically just drew different arrangements of boxes all day.
And did a bunch of useless exercises like “drawing blindfolded!”

But I had to get through it to move on to higher classes. Thankfully I still turned out alright.

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basically everything @earthduzt said plus figure drawing and negative space
developing your style, etc. We also had to do drawing blindfolded and upside down. also with our opposite hand. kind of interesting.

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@baxter Best response ever.

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