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Did any of you notice that face book phenomenon?

Asked by Just_Justine (6496points) March 31st, 2010

I was for a while quite active on face book, I am not sure how this happened perhaps I met one person, who turned into two and so on and before I knew it I had this “love and light crowd” infiltrating my page. Then one would open a group “called how I changed my life by love’ (I must made that up), and “All you have is Love”. Next minute they were all fighting with each other, and trying for top Guru Position.

I am not a 100% sure but I think Time Magazine did an article on how spirituality was flooding face book, and changing people one by one. Of course in the end I deleted all the nutters, as some really got out of hand. To be honest I never really understood the Love part “All we have is love” “Love will solve everything” nor the “I send you light and love”. I wonder what light they were on about? A lot of people were harassing other users, putting up fake profiles, it was horrendous. Why did face book attract this lot? How would you describe this phenomenon? And what the heck is love and light?

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I did notice that a lot of the highschool friends I have friended on FB have gotten very religious and show it on FB. Since my political and religious views stated on my profile don’t really mesh with theirs, I’m surprised they don’t ‘unfriend’, me. Maybe they want to influence me, who knows.

At any rate, I find it difficult to take FB seriously.

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@Grisson I wouldn’t term it religious, it was more like a Guru type situation, not that I know a lot about Guru’s but that is the feeling I got. I just wonder why it effected so many people using that particular media.

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Nah, I haven’t noticed any ‘new-age’-like guru-ity, but then, most of these folks are from the Carolinas, and probably wouldn’t know a guru if they tripped over one.

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FB is what you make of it. You can keep it professional, or use it to pick up women (supplemented with physical real world meets of course, you creepers!).

I have not seen this spiritual wash of posts – but I’m not surprise it exists. It’s a tool.

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You have to be into it to be around it. I’m not spiritual so I have never heard of it. These things attract strange people because the internet adds a certain level of anonymity so people can behave in a different way. Plus spirituality just makes people dumb because they do less critical thinking.

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@Idknown I mostly use it to communicate with my kids and to share photos. It’s probably not a good idea to use an online site to socialize when one’s profile photo looks like Charles Manson.

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I am ‘spiritual’ but not identified with any one belief system. I have not noticed anything such as this.

Of course I have not been on FB much at all the last 6 weeks while being out of the country and coming home to busyness. ( meant as busy…)

I have several FB friends that I befriended on another philosophy and spiritual firum but we are all middle pathers…no extremism.

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I was big into Facebook for about a week. After I had gotten in touch with the few people from my past that I was interested in hearing from, I just dropped it. I still have a page, but don’t check it unless I get a notice that someone sent me a message or something. So I haven’t noticed, but I am not surprised. I am sure there are several internet cults rising and falling at any given time.

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never heard of it. :)

if only that were really true

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? I haven’t seen anything like that

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I havent noticed any phenomenon but I have noticed it being a good way to keep in touch with friends and family.

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@Just_Justine There is certainly a section of facebook which is really focused on spirituality and love and light. I made the mistake of accepting a friend request from someone in a group I had joined and was then hit with more requests from their list. I had the distinct impression I was seen as fresh meat as I was sent group invites, page invites connected with gurus, love shall cure all etc
At times it came across as very cultish and when they realised they could get nothing out of me their attitude changed.

I think the reason it has attracted people like that is because they can take time to build up some kind of trust with people, appear friendly, warm and so on…It is more personal rather than knocking on your door, advert in the newspaper, leaflet in your letterbox. It is one big sales pitch. (as they often have a guide to buy)

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@cytonic_horus yeah that was exactly it, maybe we were too friendly and open to invites.

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It’s not only on Facebook. I read about how some religious teen groups are staging visitations on all the Q & A sites, just going through like a bunch of spammers and putting religious answers and quotations on questions. They brag about how many ‘contact’s they made in their meetings.

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It’s not a phenomenon. It’s fucking spam.

SPOILER ALERT! Facebook is a site where everyone is spamming themselves in one way or another.

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It’s not only on Facebook. I read about how some religious teen groups are staging visitations on all the Q & A sites, just going through… and putting religious answers and quotations on questions…”

That’s so sweet. They really love you.

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@YARNLADY Thank you for the heads up. I can’t do jack about it, but I like knowing what’s up.

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