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What do you think is worse, being spit on or being punched?

Asked by rskaletz (81points) March 31st, 2010

In a soccer game, a guy got thrown out of the league for spitting in some guy’s face. But people get in punching fights and at worst get a red card (out for one game). I think this is dumb.

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Being hit hurts more, but being spit on is more demeaning. i’ve been both

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Spitting is less socially acceptable than punching, so it has a greater shock value. It carries the connotation, “I’m so disgusted by you that you aren’t even worth touching.” Personally, I would rather be spit on than punched. I can wipe off a bit of spit, but I’ll be sore for a while if you punch me.

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Spitting is disgusting. I don’t understand people who spit on the ground, let alone in someone’s face. Both are bad, both should be punished in some way. I don’t understand why one is treated worse than the other. Personally, I would be more disgusted if someone spit on me, because I have a little bit of a germ thing.

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You can block a punch.

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Being punched is never pleasant, being spat on is animal like behaviour,think of the camel or the cobra.Spitting on someone is just asking for trouble.

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I’d much rather be punched than spat upon.

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I’ve been in a number of fights in my life, and I do quite well handling myself in those circumstances, I was spit upon after I returned from Vietnam, and I was so stunned that I had NO idea of how to react, especially since it was by some young girl. So, I would far rather be punched than spit upon.

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Spitting = Emotional pain.

Punching = Just fucking hurts.

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spitting…I’ve been spat on more than I’ve been hit…and yes it’s more degrading
I’d take the physical pain any day..unfortunately bullies know this

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“I’ve been spat on more than I’ve been hit”

Wow, really? Why?

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Being punched has a significant physical impact and a significant symbolic impact. Being spit on has a significant symbolic impact, but a relatively small physical impact.

Symbolism only works if you let it work. If someone spat on me, I might feel hated, or denigrated, or shamed. However, if I’m secure enough in my motives for doing whatever it was that got me spit on, then I can not let the spitting get to me. I can trust that other people can see it for what it is. Or, if they think of it as an issue of manhood, I can take another action—a delayed action. I don’t have to respond right away.

Punching is similar. But it hurts a lot more. It also raises manhood and strength issues. But nowadays, people know that mental strength is much more important that physical strength, so it is not always necessary to respond physically. That depends on what culture you come from.

I’d rather be spit on.

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Being spit on is definitely worse than being punched. Humans are social beings, the humiliation of being spit on without a recourse can be quite damaging in the eyes of others.

We all have social standing, and it is important we keep going up ahead. Now we have to think about which social standing is important. If you are with your friends and a mugger spits on you after he takes all your money – you won’t lose anything socially.

On the other hand, if you’re surrounded by woman, and a jerk harasses and then spits on you when you tell him to leave you guys alone, and you don’t do anything after that…that’s a different situation…

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Being spat upon, punched, and then shat upon while you’re down really sucks.

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Sorry, no such experiences! ;-)

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Spitting is considered a bio hazard now a days and can get you arrested. Technically, it would constitute a simple battery—an unlawful touching which is a misdemeanor in most, if not all states. It is unlikely the offender would get anything more than a fine and that is IF the prosecutor’s office decided to prosecution in the first place.

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I would rather be punched than spat upon. If my dad taught me anything, it is how to take a punch. For some reason I am not really able to put my finger on, spitting is just much more demeaning.

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I’d rather be punched than spat on too, but anyway if someone would of to spit on me I would just spit right back on them.

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I suppose that depends on what the person thinks who did it to me first. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

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Actually, both options kinda give me a bit of a chubby.

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Maybe equally.

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I think I’d rather take a punch than be spat on. A punch is rarely very damaging, & it’s over in seconds. Being spat on is disgusting, demeaning, & has the potential to spread diseases.
@timblondesjondrewen That’s just wrong….. :)

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