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What is the hardest aspect of web design?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) March 31st, 2010

What part of web design is most difficult? How do you go about tackling it?

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Picky clients.

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:) And having to make endless revisions?

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The time when that one little piece of code is wrong will throw off the design and it’ll take you two hours to figure out. And when you finally do figure it out, you’ll smack yourself for it!

Happened to me a couple times.

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@erichw1504 – yep. It’s always a missing quote or # sound that throws everything off.

I think the hardest part of web design is browser compatibility. Looks great in Firefox, falls apart in IE. etc.

Then content development is second. Clients think they know what they want but they really have NO CLUE.

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This sums it up if you are working for people.

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@johnpowell Awesome. Just as good as the robot videos.

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Probably balancing your ideas for a good design with your client’s. @johnpowell ‘s link is a fabulous illustration of that. :D

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IE6. You’re not truly a web designer until you hate it with a white hot fury.

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I think the responsive web design is one of the difficult things to do in a website. The responsive web design will make your website to fit in to device of any screen size. It will give an optimal viewing experience for the users by resizing the website to fit any resolution. Most often it will be useful for the business websites who are looking to gain customers through their website. The law firm and attorney websites get clients through their website. For these kinds of businesses, responsive web design will be really helpful. Customers may look in their website through their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. Responsive web design can provide optimal output in all devices.


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I would also have to agree on that the hardest aspect of web design is the client, many time’s the word’s they use can be misleading or hold different context to that of your known mean for that word. This miss communication has cost me countless our of revision’s and many disagreement’s with client’s it is all way’s best to ask them for a visual representation of what they think there design or logo they are wanting. It will save you a lot of hassle and time if you do this first also, a good contract is a must so that you don’t get hustled or not paid which is another one of those issues designer’s face daily.

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