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What do you put on your pizza?

Asked by rangerr (15753points) March 31st, 2010

So I was eating dinner tonight when I realized that I have a habit of pouring either ranch dressing or hot sauce on my pizza. It alternates with each slice.

My dad covers his with pepper and my mom is weird and eats it plain. One of my cousins puts barbecue sauce on his, while his brother swears that a little bit of honey is magical on pizza.

Do you put anything different on your pizza?
How did that start?
Do you know anyone who puts different maybe weird? things on their pizza?

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My hungry ass, drunk mouth.

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I am new to this whole vegetarian thing… I used to love pepperoni, but for now, I have gotten used to just-cheese. It works fine :P

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I put enough stuff into the pizzas that I make that I don’t have to put anything else on them. When I get delivery pizza, I usually add extra cheese and red peppers.

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Sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and spinach.

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We keep a bottle of Sriracha in the refrigerator just for pizza.

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Garlic prawns (shrimp) and calamari in a garlic marinara cream sauce. That’s what my wife has when I make it for her – I don’t eat Pizza.

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Pepperoni, onions, bell peppers, green chile and a healthy dose of Frank’s Red Hot.


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Put fennel sausage, onion, and FIG JAM on your pizza as the sauce. it’s f******g fantastic.

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Pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper, ham and green olives. I don’t overdo it with the sauce and lots of fromage.

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Everything. Anchovies too.

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I like vegetables on my pizza. Bell peppers, olives, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, etc. I like to add red pepper flakes on top and dip it in ranch dressing.

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The one I make that is most unusual is Walleye pizza, with alfredo style sauce instead of the normal tomato based sauce.

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Salt. Sometimes garlic salt.

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Ham, mushrooms, chicken, hot sauce, peppers and red onions. nomnomnomnom

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Chicken and cranberry sauce! Nomnomnomnom (:

- My Grandad once put banana on his meat pizza??? LOL

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I like black olives, sausage, and pepperoni, Ham and pineapple is also delicious. I usually have ranch on hand too.

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I will eat just about everything on a pizza. No lie.
Give me a pizza with something weird on it, and I’ll try it.

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Everything, i also like to dip the pizza in ranch from time to time….

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Baked beans, ketchup.

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I always have a hard time understanding the ranch thing.
It’s way overkill.
Maybe for Pizza hut or Domino’s ranch does something for you but with a good pizza it’s sacrilege to take this wonderful symphony of flavor and dunk it all in a thick white herby cold paste.
Now for Buffalo Wings, you need some ranch. I’m right with you there.

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I dip my pizza in blue cheese dressing. It adds to the fat content and increases cholesterol.

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I just made pizza tonight (and the last 3 nights, yeah to babysitting).. I tend to like plain cheese, or maybe cheese and pineapple. I have to be in the right mood to want meat on my pizza. My sister had french fries on her pizza, that’s something she’s used to getting back home in Italy.

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Hot pepper seeds and garlic salt

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@Element I dip mine in ranch dressing too. Nothing better.

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Pineapple and hot sauce! A miracle of a combo introduced to me by a Jamaican lady in my massage class.

@jeanmay Damn, that’s nasty!

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Red and orange and yellow peppers, mushrooms, tomatos, olives, red onion, and buckets of cheese, with romano or parmesian…Ooooooh….baaaad thought’s right now!

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@Arp I think Yves makes vegetarian pepperoni. Don’t know how good it is, as I have never tried it.

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The seasoning packet from Papa John….....on my italian sausage, black olive and onion pie

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@ubersiren I stand by my choices.

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I like chicken, broccoli, mushroom and garlic. Lots of garlic. There is no such thing as too much garlic. Or broccoli as far as that goes.

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I’m boring…I like regular cheese pizza.

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My favorite is red onions and fresh mushrooms.

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Pepperoni, mushrooms, green/red peppers and I dip in ranch dressing.

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I always get the loaded special, but I don’t put anything on it when it comes, except the Parmesan cheese packets. The only time I get pizza is when I don’t want to do the work. We eat on paper plates with paper napkins and throw away cups.

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Light on the sauce. I looooathe sauce. Usually just pepperoni, though. Maybe some black olive and mushroom. The pizza hut p’zones are delicious!

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I like pepperoni and black olives, and sometimes I like to put sliced apples on it.

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Pepperoni and/or sausage, or just plain cheese.
Once in a blue moon I’ll use ranch.

My housemates, however, purchase pepperoni+jalapeƱo+pineapple pizza once a week.

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Mrs. Butterworth’s Maple Syrup.

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Toppings: Veggies, chicken, pineapples

Sauces: Ranch, BBQ, hot sauce

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I prefer vegetarian pizzas (although I like anchovies too), with a generous sprinkling of dried chilli flakes or fresh chillis.

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Plenty of ham, cheese and vegetables on as little dough as possible. It’s the dough that makes us gain weight.

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The only thing I add to my pizza is crushed red chili pepper. For toppings, before I was a vegetarian I would always get “taco pizza” or Hawaiian. Now, I generally go the route of just cheese or broccoli, spinach and garlic.

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I put ranch on my pizza too, sometimes, franks red hots sometimes, Pizza/pasta spiced sometimes lol. If its a frozen or take and bake pizza i will add salami with it, I put spam on it before, I put alot of weird things on my pizza if its a take and bake. I put feta cheese on it sometimes as well. Feta doesnt melt well at all but taste great. lol FEAST!!!!

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