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Do you think boys fall in love quicker than girls?

Asked by novemberrain (220points) March 31st, 2010

It’s just my humble opinion, but I think that boys seem to fall in love much faster than girls do? Seriously. Is it just me that thinks this? What do you think?

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I think that it depends on the person, not gender.

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I know but for some reason i’ve seen alot of relationships happen between friends and the guy has always fallen in love with the girl really fast.

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I think boys fall into lust faster than girls, not so sure about love.

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@rangerr I’m with you.

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Girls have a need to be in love. When they are not in a relationship they worry about it. Guys just let it all happen. They do fall fall in lust quickly though – but if many modern TV shows have any basis in fact, even that area is becoming feminine dominated.

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It’s not all about lust though for some guys, it’s love.

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True, but most guys ‘fall’ in love initially because that is what the girl they want is looking for. They word love doesn’t have the same meaning for most guys as it does for the girls they are with.

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Hmmmm okay, so. If love has a different meaning to guys, then what exactly is their meaning?

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Not in my case, but it certainly depends on the specific person.

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@novemberrain I don’t think that love has a different meaning to guys. You can’t have double standards. If its anything else then its not love. I’d say that what @WestRiverrat was saying is that they tend to fit their emotions into certain situations. But love is love no matter what your gender is. I’d say some guys might be more willing to lie about love.

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For most boys, college age and younger, ‘Love’ is mainly physical, at least initially. The women I have discussed this with say to them it is mainly emotional.

It is not any less real, it is just different.

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Well if love to guys, is mainly physical then that is not love at all. @LeotCol I agree with you, love is love no matter what your gender is. Jeesh it is a very confusing thing.

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Lust yes. Love no.
Important distinction.
Guys want to have sex which is not always love.

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Men are attracted to women usually much faster. From my experience it is the women in most cases who feel serious relationship-type feelings first.

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Falling in love requires thinking….nuff said! ;)

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I don’t necessarily believe that guys fall in love faster, but I do believe that (younger guys, generally) confuse lust with love, and so it seems as if they fall in love faster.

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We actually talked about this in my sociology of family class and the trend seems to be that men tend to fall in love more easily than women do and I guess a side effect of this would be that they tend to fall in love faster as well. I think there is more societal pressure on women to fall in love and more societal pressure on men to have multiple partners so it might seem as if men don’t fall in love all that easily.

Before anyone jumps down my throat, I know this is not necessarily the norm, but I think it’s interesting to note that a sociology professor told my class this.

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Yeah, lust. Boys want the vag. Girls fall in love first. I’m still not sure if men fall in “love”. Or even if love is real.

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I dated quite a bit in my 30s so that’s the only age range on which I could comment, and yes, men seemed to be much more anxious for this than women.

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If you’re talking about boys and girls (under 18) the answer is girls. For men and women, it’s probably even.

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Yeh, I do suffer from that abit myself…. I’ve only ever loved 2 women in my life, been very fond of a few, & I knew within days of meeting them.

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why the hell my picture is so disgusting today????

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In my psychology class, we discussed this very issue, and the answer was yes (I believe David Buss did a study on the matter, but I may not have the correct name). That seems counter-intuitive to me, because girls seem to want to get serious faster than guys do, and they are the ones who fantasize about the wedding. Also, it seems to me that the girl is usually the first one to take an interest in the guy, who is oblivious for quite some time until he finds out and then falls head over heels for her. JMO, take it for what it’s worth.

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High gear four-wheel sex drive.

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@mattbrowne ROTFL. But some women are equipped with that, too. ;)

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@lonelydragon – Yes, I know. What’s the percentage though?

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In relationship psychology, it’s well known that if you ask men and woman how many partners they’ve had, men double their actual number of partners, while women cut theirs in half. I don’t know an actual percentage of women with high sex drive, but it’s probably a lot more than most people think. ;) Women are just more hesitant to admit to it due to the sexual double standard (i.e. man with high libido is normal, woman with high libido is considered promiscuous).

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Good points. I certainly believe that it’s probably a lot more than most people think. But evolutionary psychology would still favor a somewhat higher percentage of men than women. There are two male evolutionary strategies for passing on their genes.
1) Have sex with as many healthy women as possible being always on the move.
2) Have sex with one healthy woman and make sure that as many children as possible from this relationship grow up to have sex themselves.

A women need to pick Mr. Right to allow her selfish genes to be passed when her kids grow up to have sex themselves.

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Yep, I am familiar with those, too. What did you mean by “selfish genes”, though?”

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Dawkins coined the term “selfish gene” as a way of expressing the gene-centred view of evolution, which holds that evolution is best viewed as acting on genes and that selection at the level of organisms or populations almost never overrides selection based on genes.

To make my point I don’t really need this concept which means that women need to pick Mr. Right to allow their genes to be passed when her kids grow up to have sex themselves.

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