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Why are there metal stars on the outsides of houses in the Carolinas?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) March 31st, 2010

I went down to Charleston once, and I noticed a lot of metal stars on the buildings. Why were they there? I’m pretty sure that they weren’t for decoration.

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Joist ends. It was a common construction technique in the 19th Century to tie the walls in to the joists. Usually seen on brick buildings.

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@dpworkin : Ahh, to make sure that they don’t collapse or something?

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To prevent gaps.

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@dpworkin: Oh… how do you know all this stuff? xD You can stop being so smart now.

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I lived in SoHo in NYC, and many of the buildings there were constructed that way, and I, too, thought that the stars might not be just decorative, so I asked someone.

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Gotcha. ^^ Thanks!

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The longer you live, the more crap you know.

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Why did I read this as “scars”? That makes my last answer completely irrelevant. Great.

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We still appreciate it.

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