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When traveling to Puerto Rico are we allowed to lock our luggage?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) March 31st, 2010

Because I remember traveling to the U.S you weren’t allowed to lock your luggage. Since Puerto Rico is considered to be a part of the U.S I was wondering if you’re allowed to lock your luggage or not?

I will be traveling by the airline Insel Air.

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From where?

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You need to get some TSA approved locks. The TSA has master keys to these that will allow them to open the luggage to inspect.

Then you can safely lock your luggage. There are several online sites that have them available.

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I have never locked my luggage – be it domestic or international flights – and have never had a problem, even when embezzling more than the legally allowed amount of liquor. It is not worth the hassle to me. Just sayin.

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I never lock my luggage either…so far , so good, no problems.

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@lilikoi and @Coloma When I am not transporting firearms I don’t lock my luggage either.

If I am travelling to a hunt, I have to have the cases containing the firearm and the ammunition inspected and locked.

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Is there a place you can travel to that doesn’t require you to have your luggage unlocked?
Hey, be sure to go to Rio Camuy Cave Park. A lot of people don’t know about it and it is so cool. They have jurasic size plants there. Enjoy the beaches and San Juans night life.
I so want to go. :(

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I assumed you cannot lock luggage anymore. The airlines have info like that on their websites, you might want to check there.

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My husband’s lock on his luggage locked itself once.. (the kind with the combination on it) and he found himself in the bowels of an airport in Angola with two AK47s pointed at him and a man yelling at him in French.

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Yes you can lock them. Just b/c it’s an Island doesn’t mean that they are mean and all. It’s a U.S property so yes you cna lock your suitcases. Hope you have a good trip. It’s a beautiful Island. Make sure you go to El Viejo San Juan// Old San Juan. :D

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I didn’t think anyone was allowed to have locked luggage anymore?

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@timcazzieendrew Mon Dieu! That would be bad…

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yeah, he had enough French to answer back, but he was so nervous he couldn’t get the damn thing open. He’s a technician so he knew the stuff probably looked strange under xray with the cables and tools, but he talked himself out of trouble. I hate his job. At least they don’t send him to Nigeria anymore.

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J’ai oublie beaucoup de francais. I’d basically be shit out of luck under those circumstances. It’s just as well that I have no intention of going to Angola or Nigeria any time soon. :-)

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He goes everywhere, but as far as he’s concerned, the bags are not allowed to be locked. Anything can be gone through, and frequently is and sometimes his stuff gets held up all together at customs in various countries. We always get those notes in our bags in the States saying our bags have been gone through…. blah blah.. no biggie, but we’ve seen our share of bags that have been forced open and then taped around them to hold together what’s left. We’d rather keep them unlocked than have a destroyed suitcase handed back to us.

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I would assume not, with the added security US airports have implemented since 9–11. Security people need to easily get into your luggage to inspect it. If they can’t, they might see that as suspicious and take more destructive measures to ensure it is not a bomb.

To ensure your luggage doesn’t end up ripped apart or lost forever, I would just keep it unlocked. You’re unlikely to get stuff stolen from your suitcase as far as I know.

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@timjerubadrewen From Aruba to Puerto Rico but before reaching to Puerto Rico we need to transit though.
So it would be from Aruba to Curacao and from Curacao to Puerto Rico

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@anpandoraen We are actually going to see the Rio Camuy Cave Park.
We’re going to be sightseeing with our grade, it’s a school trip.

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