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Is the Motley Fool just another April's Fool joke?

Asked by YARNLADY (42574points) April 1st, 2010

There is so much investment misinformation, would you trust a site with the name Motley Fool?

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i hope they remember how to put this back together

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How come, when I click on great question, it doesn’t register?

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@timyarnladydrewen Because it seems like good ol’ fluther has been hacked for April Fool’s Day…

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Hahaha. This is so cool!. Soo, do I get to have a cool name just like the fluther gods? :)

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I actually like the Motley Fools. Haven’t looked at them in a while though. They appear on NPR/PRI’s markeplace money often.

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@timgemiwingdrewen I am in the top 15% earnings in the U. S. and it is partly due to the information on that very useful website.

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@anyarnladyenim Wow…The top 15% That is really cool.

Can I bum 20 bucks off you?

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@bendavidbettermanimew Sorry, the party at my house on April l0 has been cancelled.

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@benyarnladyim That’s okay. I wasn’t coming to the party…just wanted 20 bucks from the nice rich lady!

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@bendavidbettermandrewim I hand out gifts in person only, by invitation.

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Dude, the stock of the day is fun. what do you think?

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@yarnlady I like them. Their research is solid. I have no problem with the fact that the Gardners are witty writers as well. I subscribe to them:
The Motley Fool <>

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They also have very useful investment calculators.

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They are anything but fools when it comes to anything investing!

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@Fred931 Thanks, I saw it on one of your other answers.

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Actually Motley Fool played an April Fool’s this year, by pretending to reverse their investing strategy 180 degrees and giving outrageously stupid advice.
Unfortunately some fools believed them.

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