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Asked by cake7 (519points) March 8th, 2008 from iPhone

does anyone know a good way to get a lone with bad or little credit?

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yes try credit one bank .

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If you have money in a savings account, say for example $1000. Go to your local Credit Union and ask to do a “savings secured loan” against your own money. I know it sounds weird but I worked at a credit union for 10 yrs and this was how we got people with no credit and bad credit, to rebuild their credit. This loan does report to the 3 credit bureau’s! From a lenders stand point, take the loan out for at least 1 year. Lenders like to see payment history and that is in good standing. Don’t worry if your a week late on payment either because late payments aren’t reported until after 30 days. Oh and yoy could always try to do a “collateral” loan on a vehicle if you own it in full, against the vehicles title. Hope this helps and good luck!

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You could go to your local department of children and families and ask if there’s a grant available for low income folks to help out a bit. Always hunt down grants before loans.

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