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How long does it take for people to get a joke?

Asked by janbb (54225points) April 1st, 2010

Maybe I’ve just been drinking the Kool-Aid for so long, but it was pretty obvious to me within seconds what was going on here today. Now I’m reading all this outrage, upset, confusion and in one case, downright crankiness. Is it really that easy to confuzzle people? Discuss.

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Yeah, it took all of two seconds to see what was really going on. Sure it makes threads harder to follow, but it’s really not that hard to figure out.

I’m thoroughly enjoying all of today’s mischief.

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After last year I was looking forward to today!

I got it right away because I was looking for something. They out did themselves this time and it is really fun!

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Some never do.

That is why some people ask for a stupid answer button.

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@timchazmazendrew You’re looking particularly handsome today! You should become an actor. Wait, wait – that was written when you looked like Andrew, not Ben. :P

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@anchristopherwalkenshidingplaceimen Ditto. Do people not realize what day this is???!!! Duh! Look at the calendar.

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@timjanbbenew – Lately, I have been hearing that often.

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It was blatantly obvious fluther were going to pull some sort of April fool,so it was no suprise to me to see that indeed they did & yeah, it took me about a nanosecond to establish the nature of the prank.I mean it was funny but hardly subtle.

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I never had a chance to get it. By the time I got here, someone asked a question about if we would recognize people just based on their writing. They mentioned the wierdness, and so I noticed it then, already knowing it was a joke. Sigh. Killjoys!

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I’ll be honoust, it took me one or two minutes.
The first question i went to, i thought there was a ‘chat-thread’ going on, seeing all the same thumbs (didn’t recognise Ben and Andrew’s pictures).
When i saw the strange, mixed up usernames, i got it.
I like the confusion it brings.

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Those who took more than a nanosecond should be banned for life.

just kidding

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I was looking forward to today ever since last year, and I was on when the change over occurred, so I got it right away.

What I have trouble with are puns. At my house when someone tells a joke, everybody laughs, then they look at me, and when my face lights up (I finally get it) we all share a second laugh.

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I was expecting a joke, and in fact I was expecting the “what makes a good prank?” thread to be a setup for it. I saw it right after midnight. I actually though it was pretty funny, though a bit extreme (that is, it might have gone a bit too far). But I also knew it was going to upset some people. Was there outrage? I missed the outrage completely.

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@Jeruba Oh yeah, there was outrage and grouchiness and plain old flat out thickheadedness…..

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It appears there was one user who went completely overboard and got ejected.

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Wow, I go out for a few hours and all hell breaks loose.

All I was going to do for a joke here today was put on my jester hat, and no sooner had I done that than my face turned into Andrew’s, without a hat.

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@Jeruba I was going to bribe @Augustlan to reverse my user name for the day- and would find a heavenly utopia avatar pic to go with it… all for naught.

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@Dog Change your name for a day? What a silly thought.


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@Dog, you already are a doggess to me.

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@jeffgoldblumsnaughtybits – Aw – you came out of hiding!

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If you really want to see something hilarious, go look at the “discussion” of intelligence that’s going on right now. I have been actually laughing out loud.

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