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Las vegas family trip?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) April 1st, 2010

I am going to family trip to Las Vegas around end of April for two and a half day! (Friday night till Monday afternoon)
All of us are old enough to enjoy all the fun but since it’s a family trip I would like to go somewhere all of us can enjoy~~
I know there are tons of free show and events but it’s hard to tell which is the best!! I need some recommendation on
1) good events (prefer free but willing to pay for good show)
2) shops or places where I can get stuffs really cheap! (outlet, pawnshop)
3) good restaurant
4) some place I should avoid (dangerous, crazy…lol)

IF you know where to go to enjoy the Vegas….help me out~

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Hmm… difficult to say without some background, but has a comprehensive list of attractions, etc. If you have boys that are into cars, the museum/gallery at Imperial Palace is cool. Dolphins and Tigers at the Mirage(?) are cool. Shark Tank and Mandalay Bay is cool. Memphis Championship BBQ is off the strip, but has great food. Tix 4 Tonight(nite?) has half price tickets for many shows. Speaking of which, Tournament of Kings probably would be a good show to see, plus it includes dinner. Slots of Fun is the cheapest casino on the strip and a good time to boot. There’s also some suped up go kart racing and indoor skydiving. A friend of mine likes Buffet Asia (or Asia Buffet, I forget which) which is located on the strip (i.e. not in a casino). Bellagio fountains are free. Fremont Street in downtown Vegas is free and has a fairly impressive gigantic light show. It’s a little seedy down there, but I wouldn’t call it dangerous. Oh… the Mac King Comedy magic show is a good daytime show and it’s cheap. The Bodies exhibit at Tropicana is interesting if you’ve never seen it. The Titanic exhibit may or may not be there as well (used to be). The diner at the Hard Rock has an off the menu steak and shrimp special for $7.77. If you see a good movie playing, DEFINITELY go see it at the Palms IMAX. It’s an amazing experience. Roller Coaster at NYNY and the rides at the Stratosphere are also options. I think Ellis Island has cheap breakfasts, and the Peppermill which is part lounge part restaurant has good breakfasts that are priced normally.

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Cirque du Soleil shows are amazing.

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Nothing is really free in Vegas. The hotels are great to see though. Caesars Palace and the Forum shops with their sky blue ceiling and Venetian canals are amazing, The Wynn is very elegant, and Treasure Island has a show out front.
The water show at the Bellagio is also pretty stunning.

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Hrm. I’m not sure but you gys can always go to Circus Circus (thats a family place). I’m sure i have only been to Vegas about once.

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Vegas likes to promote itself as a new family vacation destination, but it really still is Vegas.
A fun family thing would be to go see Hoover Dam. It’s quite impressive.
I have lots of family there, but never go, because I hate Vegas so much.

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Edit by me. Read the other responses @Judi!

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To avoid: The Bodies Exhibit at the Luxor. The Bodies exhibit at the Luxor in Las Vegas directly promotes heinous human rights violations in China. Reputable investigative agencies like ABC News-20/20 have discredited the operator of the Bodies exhibit—Premier Exhibitions—claims that the bodies featured in the Las Vegas exhibit were obtained with consent. In all likelihood the people displayed in the Bodies exhibit were executed political prisoners, perhaps killed expressly so that they could be sold to Premier Exhibitions. ABC News was able to find absolutely no evidence supporting the voluntary donation of the bodies.

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