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What is this site itself doing for April Fools?

Asked by AprilFoolery (9points) April 1st, 2010

Have you checked Wikipedia’s front page? Their headlines sound ridiculous, but they’re just ridiculously-worded ways of pitching out truths.

And other sites make funny or just plain weird changes.

What has Fluther been doing for today?

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We don’t know yet, it’s a mystery

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Giving everyone a face lift, and putting them in witness protection.

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I think I know now – they change avatars to staffmembers’ faces.

On mine, they put two random letters before my name, and four after it. Interesting…

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You figured it out before I wrote it.

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Fluther has been more annoyingly fucked up than usual.


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Doesn’t Wikipedia always sound ridiculous?

Fluther is forcing me to read people’s usernames. Gawdamn.

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