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What are the origins as to when & why April 1st is associated with fools?

Asked by ucme (46642points) April 1st, 2010

A topical question if ever there was one.Whatever your opinions on fools day & the pranks that are pulled,when & why did it all originate from,i’m actually quite intrigued as to what the truth is.

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It was a Myan thing.

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I seem to remember hearing that it had something to do with the calendar changing – the 31st was added into March, so people who’d forgotten about the change walked around thinking that it was April 1st when it was really the newly-created March 31st. Those people were known as “April Fools”.

Whether that story has any truth? I doubt it. It’s just what I remember being told or having read long long ago.

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@MrItty Sounds like typical reverse mythology.

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@Storms I agree. Like I said, I doubt the veracity of the theory.

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We are, zodiacally speaking, in a period of youthful vigour, pride and egotism, and much idocy. April fool’s day would be the perfect antidote and grounding mechanism for such behaviour.

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