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Whats the funniest thing on April Fools, besides Fluther?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) April 1st, 2010

What has entertained you today? Fluther posts made me wonder for a minute…....WTH? but then I ran out for awhile and my dog got into a bag of garbage and the kitchen floor is a wreck.
I know you got something better.

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I didn’t even think the Fluther one was too funny (Edited: Not funny at all!). But the Starbucks one was. Go on their website and check out their new sizes.

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I find it bizarre that wherever I go, ChazMaz is always crafting an answer…wassup with that?

But yeah, nothin’ funneh happenin today.

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Funny or Die and ABC had some funny surprises today.

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One year on another Q&A site where I was pretty well known, I posted a question that I had finally made the decision to have a sex change and wanted to know how I was going to tell my wife. Got a lot of sincere responses…I almost felt bad.

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@ben-dalepetrie-ew You mean that was a joke?

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@dalepetrie I remember that. That was a hoot. I’d like to say I caught on fast, probably right away, but I don’t remember it that clearly. But hell, we could go back and look. There’s evidence.

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—@tim-dalepetrie-enew There’s evidence???

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@janbb all you have to do is go back and look at the question and answers to see who took it seriously and who didn’t.

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My facebook status: “Is bored. APRIL FOOLS! not bored at all. BOOM You don’t where I’m coming from.”

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My individual rights fan page where everybody is suddenly an authoritarian who wants to send everyone who disagrees with them to jail.

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I told my kid that his cell phone bill came in today. No lie, he had 9,711 text messages to friends. He said “Wow, really?” as if he was proud of it. I said “yeah that’s a lot for me to go through and read them all.” He freaked out and asked “You mean you can read ALL MY TEXTS???” I’m like, “Oh yeah, very interesting so far. It’s gettin’ kinda juicy with you and your girlfriends”.

He was absolutely flipped out with guilt… hahahaha… He said, “OK Dad, I gotta tell you, sometimes kids just talk bad about their parents to make conversation. I didn’t really mean any of it, honest I didn’t”.

I told him that’s what I figured, no harm done son.


And then I looked him in the eye with a mean face and said, “April Fools!”

Shock and Embarrassed does not describe the blank look on his face. All he said was, “OMG I can’t believe you just did that to me”


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Somone at work put an official looking Hewlitt-Packard sign on the photocopier explaining how the device is now equipped with voice recognition technology and how to work it.

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At this point, live kittens in a blender would be funnier.

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Somehow, I decided that I had enough energy to volunteer at my son’s school for his spring party today. Little did I know he announced it to his class that it was truly my birthday today and it turned into 45 minutes of April Fool’s jokes by 7yr old children. Of course I’ve heard all of their April Fool’s jokes before, so I had to act surprised and laugh. Turns out, it was really cute. We all had some big laughs.

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Just after midnight last night, Google made me laugh pretty hard.

@cak, is it your birthday?

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@Jeruba yep – and it sure fits me today!

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Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Chris
Happy Birthday to you!

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I should get some kids to annoy. How much are they?

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Some are quite expensive to birth and maintain. But you can turn the tables and actually get paid for annoying children… Just sign up to be a Camp Councilor for the Summer YMCA program. Lot’s of kids to annoy there… and they’ll love you for it.

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Sound like fun. My friend used to live in foster homes, and the people there could punch out and clothesline the kids, and one ven broke his arm. I think I’ll apply there.

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Down year for April Fools really. Lots of attempts but few successes. Probably the best thing I’d heard of was the announcement of the 128oz cup. +1 for Starbucks today.

I didn’t buy “Topeka” for a
second. Google is just trying too hard now.

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@Captain_Fantasy, I didn’t buy it for a second either, not even for a tiny fraction, but the very notion just struck me funny. I must have laughed like an idiot for a full minute.

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Telling people that the last Presidential election was just a bad dream.

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Were there ever to be a vote amongst all the peoples of the world as to what the greatest prank of all time was, I sincerely believe 90-something percent would choose this answer, were it given as a choice:

There is a town in Europe at the base of a dormant volcano in which the residents live free from fear, knowing that this volcano can NEVER erupt. A bunch of rowdy locals drive up to the mouth of the volcano with truckloads of old tires, then proceed to dump them in. Naturally the volcano starts billowing out black smoke for the first time in centuries and the town panics. Fearing devastation, the residents of the town evacuate immediately while the culprits sit back and celebrate the very rare opportunity to prank their entire town. (no townspeople were injured during the panic and mass exodus)

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