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What do you think to today's shenanigans on fluther,good,bad,indifferent?

Asked by ucme (46534points) April 1st, 2010

I mean it was perfectly clear to me what the names were & why this was happening.Okay obviously this was not the case with everyone.It did seem to provoke quite a reaction,which is fair enough.It was only a bit of fun,okay not great but fun nontheless.I see they’ve made-it-easier-for-some-to-read-our-names,interesting.

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I enjoyed it. It really wasn’t that difficult to see who was who.

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It did make it harder to respond to some of the posters, tho

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I think there have never been so many meta questions in one day as today. If this isn’t navel gazing, I don’t know what is!

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Oh? Is this deliberate and not a software bug? Well okay. Ha-ha. But it’s making Fluther practically unusable…

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It was fun, like the talk like a pirate day in 2008.

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I do not think it is funny.

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I find it rather amusing! I don’t know which picture or name I’ll get to be with each post so I’m enjoying the surprise each time. Thank you Fluther, for the harmless amusement!

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It was funny for about 5 minutes. Then it got annoying. I ad-blocked the avatars and greasemonkeyed the usernames back to normal.

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I think it’s a great prank. It made me smile and lately that’s worth a lot.

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I concur. When first I logged onto Fluther this evening, I thought it was a software bug, since it happened once before a week or so ago (everyone’s avatar was AstroChuck). I even posted a message to the mods which got “Returned for Editing.” Then I saw this thread and saw what’s happening. So okay, April Fools! Ha-ha! Funny for a while, but it’s making Fluther almost unusable.

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And, we are back.

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I got it right away and was amused for a minute or two. Then I started getting a headache trying to figure out who everyone was because my glasses were in my mother’s car which was ten miles away. So I spent the day reading (finished two books!) and occasionally checking to see if things were back to normal. No big deal. What’s everyone bitching about?

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Aww, but I don’t wanna go back to normal!

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@HungryGuy That wasn’t a software bug either. People purposely changed their avatar to AstroChuck.

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Meh, the jokes in years past were funnier.

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I don’t think I even remember any of the other jokes I was here for… Fail!

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I thought it was funny – but I couldn’t keep up with it. A bit on the slow side, today. I did think that I had funny lost it when I saw that I was a guy (avatar picture!).

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I thought it was hilarious. I joined in right from the start when it changed over at midnight.

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Well, in the spirit of the moment, I just posted a couple of “April Fools” questions. I bet they’ll be returned to be for “editing” momentarily :-p

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I didn’t like it how difficult it made everything so I skipped fluther today – now I’m back.

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I was in another world! And, you were there…and you… and you!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir and @MacBean: Thank you for being sensible! You didn’t like it so you stayed off fluther rather than sticking around and whining.

I was quite amused by both the prank and the discussions that followed. :)

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Meh. It wasn’t hard to figure out who was who, and it was just one day so I didn’t get point of all the damn whining. I kind of liked last year’s April Fools better because this one seemed to mess up Fluther’s functionality more, but I definitley appreciate that Bendrewim do pranks and the work it took.

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@KatawaGrey: But now I’m back to whine about the whining! ;D

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@filmfann—Now that’s funny.

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It was great. Like Astrochuck day, only thrust upon us, whereas you had to change into Chuck on your own.

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Midnight for Fluther is 5pm for me, so it seemed a bit strange to be fooled so late in the day. Strange but funny, and even funnier seeing people react as the day/night progressed. Good one Fluther Brothers.

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