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How did you end up here at fluther?

Asked by Ludy (1499points) April 1st, 2010

I ask because it was kind of a coincidence how I found, I was not looking for it and I’m kind of curios how come I didn’t hear about it before, it seems very popular.

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I stumbled on it too about a month ago after returning from an overseas vacation.

Browsing in my jet lag and, well….still browsing a month later. haha

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Answerbag imploded.

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I found it from this. I have used Metafilter for 8+ years. They were harsh about Fluther but I still checked it out. Three years later and I am still here.

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I read about it in an online article, that was linked from some other (non Q & A) site. It sounded interesting, so I came over to see what it was all about. Two years later, I’m the Community Manager! Welcome to the collective. :)

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1 month and you already have 3142 stars? Wow! Thanks everybody for answering so quick, you guys make me feel special!!! ;)

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I’ve been asking myself that every day since I got here!

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Yes….I have been in complete burnout mode. lol

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Sorry to ask this, I don’t text at all, what does lol mean?

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Oh..laugh out loud…( lol )

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Answerbag royally fucked it’s users over.

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What is Answerbag ? And what do you mean by !@#$%^ its users over?

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@Ludy it’s another Q&A sites. And they got rid of their experts, leaderboards, changed it’s format, logo etc

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Well, that’s good, more fishes in the sea for us! I mean Fluther of course.

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I have no idea. That is so weird.

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Same way that @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard and @Violet got here. I’ve come to prefer Fluther now, less carnage than on the old site. Even if the owners put it back exactly the way it was, I’m staying here.

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I googled it looking for a quick answer to my first question. Yahoo takes wayy too long. Very happy I found it. :)

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I used to be on another Q & A site called and when that closed I came over here with a large number of other users. I like Fluther so much more than

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I was looking for the answer to a crossword, so I googled it. As it turned out a Flutherite had ‘tapped the collective’ in search of that very same crossword question, so it came up in my google search. I had never even heard of question and answer sites! Since then I have dabbled in various parenting forums, but I just can’t stand all the secret code (dh = darling husband, los = little ones etc. Give me a break!). Apart from the odd lol, you don’t get a lot of text speak here which I find refreshing.

@Ludy Don’t worry about the ‘stars’, I’ve been here for years and I hardly have any!

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I came from AssBag.

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AssBag? hahahaha is it for real?

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I try to check out all new free iPhone Apps so I downloaded it to check it out.

The App itself sucks but the site itself is fantastic, right up my alley. So I just use the Safari mobile browser instead and all is well.

That App is in BAD NEED of an update which doesn’t cripple functionality so much. But that’s my biggest gripe so that’s pretty good overall.

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