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Tiny room workout plan.

Asked by edmann13 (294points) April 1st, 2010

Due to circumstances beyond my control I will be confined to a small room (space enough to do pushups) for long periods of time for a while. To fend off insanity and lethargy I want to develop a workout program for myself. I will not have access to weights, nor be able to run for cardio. Please list exercises and what muscle group they target for a complete workout. (bonus points if they don’t make much noise)

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Will you have a cellmate, and do you need to worry about waking him or her?

Do you have room for calisthenics? Do you know yoga? Is there anything on the wall or ceiling that you can use for chin-ups? Those are the ideas that occur to me off the top of my head.

More details might help with a better answer.

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Use explosive movements for everything, and land with grace. It’ll tax your core stabilizers. Pushup variations, switch your hand positions up on every rep. Diver bomber pushups incorporate shoulders as well. Dips off of the side of the bed. Wall squats and other isometric exercises are amazing. Just use opposing forces with maximum contractions to tax yourself. Should help you build up some serious strength. Especially if you have uninvited “friends” that want to take it to the next level in a romantic situation.

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Calisthenics? Yoga? mehh, I’m a noob at exercise.

nowhere to do chin ups.

Just would rather not draw attention to myself and lets leave it at that.

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I can recommend stretching, polymetrics, and jump roping

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1. Will you have a chair in that room? If so then stand beside the chair using the chairback as a rest for your left hand. Stand straight and from the waist raise your right leg up in front of you about waist level. Hold it then drop it down to the floor. Kick the leg back, hold it then bring it back to the floor. Lift it up but out at a right angle, hold the drop back to the floor. Do a series of these for each leg, switching which side of the chair to stand beside in order to steady yourself so you can stand straight and use your stomach muscles to lift the legs from a still position rather than swinging them.

2. Stand with your feet together but not touching, raise up onto your toes, hold then lower your heels back down onto the floor. Do sets of 50 of these, toes pointing forward then toes pointing outward.

3. If you’re a bit limber the do pliets. Stand straight, feet near shoulder width and toes pointed outward. Lower your body bending the knees outward while keeping your back straight and stomach flattened. Raise up again. You can use the chair back to rest an outstretched arm on as you lower and raise so you can monitor the straightness of your body.

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1. Squats.

2. Sit-ups. Variation.

3. Leg lifts. And to the side.

4. 6 inches.

5. The plank.

6. For the obliques

7. Lunges.

8. Oblique crunch.

9. Calf raises.

I cannot think of any good back exercises you can do…

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in addition to what @lilikoi suggested:

1) Push-ups. For your chest – push-ups really do work wonders. Do 3 sets of 20–30.

2) Diamond push-ups/Tricep push-ups

3) Hand-stand push ups. Good for the deltoids – if you can balance yourself appropriately.

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I’m made of cookie dough right now. I need intro stuff.

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Learn “katas” or martial art patterns. My master taught us a full rotation pattern that you could do in a 4 square foot area where you step out…execute a punch or kick or combo and step back and then do a 90 degree turn to one side and repeat until you did a full rotation. You can mix up punches and kicks and in 10–15 minutes you are sweating your ass off and if you mix it up good you will never get bored. Best part is you get to “visualize” your target and for me there is a nice long list of targets to choose from that can make for one intense workout!

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i have just started three weeks ago and i started with at first you need to lay off the chips and bread. your body uses too much energy to digest those foods and thats why most people are lazy. next i had more and more energy every day and it MADE me WANT to exersise. and than i started to do push-ups(i used to not even be able to do push-ups but now i can) and other simple exersises like: crunches, went a walkes than later on, jogging around the neighberhood, went on my trampoline and i played sports with my friends.
Good luck with ur problem!!

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