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My little sister wants to begin modeling, where do we start?

Asked by iRemy_y (550points) April 1st, 2010

My sister, who’s 15 now, wants to start modeling, but none of us have any ideas where or how she can start. can anyone help?

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She could start out with Cameo Models, like a friend of mine did.

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First I would get some clay. Or even Pla-Dough.

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Unrelated: I am myself again.

Related: I would be careful with (possibly) dodgy agencies on the internet.
Try to find out if there is a organisation that works with certified bureaus.

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My granddaughter was approached for modeling. They wanted her folks to invest in drama classes for her, and get professional photos for her portfolio. This would have cost several thousand dollars.

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If she’s under 5’10” she should seek another career.
Next step is putting together a portfolio—she might have to pay up front for shoots, makeup artists, etc.

Watch out for fake agencies that cater to (or prey on) would-be models with more vanity than common sense. If it sounds too easy…

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Reputable agencies will NEVER ask for money. Research several agencies and photographers. Run them through the Better Business Bureau,(or similar business inquiry service in your area). She needs a portfolio and a resume to start with. Photographers may ask for money for portfolio shots, but modeling agencies will not.

All the best to you both.

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If you do not change your mind about the whole idea, don’t let her work for the designer/s who got the models mouths duct taped, or the one who got them in dog muzzle or something that looks like it. What do you think the meaning of that is anyway – that women should just shut up? There is also the clowning them up, having them in high heels that are so unwearable they take them off before they fall and break something.

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@MrsDufresne This outfit didn’t ask for money. They told her to get acting lessons, and get professional pictures made up. Then they said they’d get her acting jobs or jobs making commercials.

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It is really becoming difficult to find a teenage girl nowadays who doesn’t think that they can model. It is competitive beyond description and fraught with pitfalls. I would talk her out of it – it is a nowhere ambition unless there is something truly exceptional about her. I get approached several times per week for “free” portfolio shots based on the Model Mayhem style TFP (time for prints) basis. I have stopped doing them. Most real photographers have. The only guys who will are quite often what is known as a GWC, ( a guy with a camera) often a creep with no real skill who just wants to take sexy images without paying.

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Modelling can be a lot of fun. I don’t do it professionally so I can’t give you good answers about agencies, but I would suggest finding a few different photographers for doing up the portfolio. It is better to have a variety of styles in your portfolio.

I disagree with DarkScribe about the tfp shoots. It is a good way to get some experience. It won’t cost you anything but some time and can be a lot of fun. Overall the photographers are VERY professional, but your daughter is only 15, so be sure you are with her during the shoot. If the photographer doesn’t like that then find another one. I’m an adult and I still always bring a friend with me for a chaperone. All the photographers I’ve worked with actually encourage it.

But remember most of the photos you get on the tfp shoots will be good to have for showing to your friends and family, they probably won’t be good enough for your professional portfolio. You’re only going to do that for some fun and experience. The agency will usually have a list of photographers they want you to use. This is because they know their quality of work.

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@PattyAtHome Overall the photographers are VERY professional,

Few commercial or professional photographers will work TFP unless they have found a model who will exactly fit a brief that they are working on. There is absolutely no doubt that most who look for TFP models are GWCs with little skill, no professional portfolio of their own and no contacts with agencies. I work on a regular basis with established working models and the stories that they tell about early experience with TFP shoots are both sad and alarming.

Yes, the girl might get some images – of less than professional quality – she is unlikely to get useful instruction in posing or anything else.

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ok so she has to be really serious about this then… so she already has tons of acting experience. thats not a problem. so we get her a proffesional photo shoot and make a portfolio. then do we need a resume? and what do we do with all that?

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@DarkScribe if you read what I said, I do agree that tfp is not going to get her the portfolio photos she needs. But it can get her some experience and can be a lot of fun. You are lumping a very large group of photographers into a very small stereotype. I’ve worked with amatuer photographers that we’re much more professional both in quality of work and skills working with a model than many professional photographers. I’ve also worked with a few that were just learning what they are doing and I had to help them with posing ideas. I agree with you that you should be more cautious with tfp photographers and have less expectations, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile at all.

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@iRemy you will really need to get with the agency to find out exactly what they need. Even if you go pay a photographer to get some portfolio shots, the agency will often want to have the portfolio done from a photographer they recommend. Same with the resume, a good agency should be able to help with that. In fact until they can get her some work, there isn’t much to put in her resume. One thing that a friend of mine did when she was 16 was to work with a photographer at a new local studio. She worked with them on a tfp basis for a lot of photos they used to advertise for senior photos. She was just kind of lucky to hook up with them though.

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ok so how exactly do we go about looking for agencies?

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How tall is she? What’s her BMI like?

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I would suggest you star local first. Look in the yellow pages, but remember what someone else said above, a reputable agency isn’t going to be asking for money. A reputable agency will represent you because they think they can get you work and will make their money when they do. All those ads you see in the newpaper and local magazines and billboards advertizing for local companies, those gigs are mostly filled by local agencies using local models.

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she’s 5’5 and slim/slender

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@iRemy_y Is she interested in catalog or “runway”? Maybe you should pick up some books about modeling or something. I wouldn’t waste any money on agencies or classes yet.

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i think shes more interested in runway but ill check again

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@iRemy_y Shes far too short for runway.

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