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Does Battlefield Bad Company for PS3 have split screen?

Asked by burner911 (65points) March 8th, 2008

The upcoming online game by DICE Battlefield Bad Company. Does it offer split screen support?

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there’s no true factual answer available to your question at this time. However I would guess no unfortunatley in that all other battlefield games on consoles have not featured split screen support. Also there seems to be no mention of co-op or any other same system friendly mode. So its looking like an unfortunate no but dont loose hope yet!!

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No!! There is no split-screen or co-op for battlefield: bad company however there is a petition you can sign for free to get these features put in via an update. If you would like to sign this petition follow the link below. If we get enough signatures theres a good chance they will add split-screen, I heard this same sort of thing happened with COD 4 so they added it.

Ps. let all your friends know about this petition, spread the word.


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Uh… thats really lame. Someone slow with technology? Or just lazy? Almost every other game out there for most systems offer split screen for multi player action. Looks like I’m breaking out the XBOX.

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