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How To Deal With Thieving BabySquisher Memory?

Asked by MiamiCanes (7points) April 1st, 2010

Hi all. This is a weird tale. When I was six my “baby sitter” from China told me to give her my new bicycle if she gave me a t-shirt. I was so young I guess I gave it to her because she took it home with her. That lady makes me upset to this day. I want to punch her in the face.What do you think about this? My mother was a single parent and spent all her savings on that bike. Once in a while I remember this and I get really angry that there are people that would lower themselves to the point where they would steal from a child.

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Track her ass down! Go up to her and say “my bike!” Take it and go home. Keep the t-shirt.

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How old are you now?

I would just try and forget it. There are always bad people around. Take this as a lesson and move on.

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As the woman was your baby-sitter your mother must have known her, yet you claim that your mother came home – found the hard-earned bicycle that she struggled to buy you missing and didn’t go get it back or call the Police? Hmmm.

(Tell me next Tuesday – I am more gullible on Tuesdays.)

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Maybe it was the first time you were “ripped off”. The new and hard lessons in life are the ones we never forget.

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You need to deal with this, and then let it go. Really dwell on it. Imagine what you would say to this women if you encountered her today. Defend your small self from this adult who took advantage of a child. Really feel all of your feelings. Are you angry at your mother for not getting the bike back? Once you really spend time thinking it through, resolve to let it go. Holding on to it hurts you.

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