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Have you experienced the Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp?

Asked by Kylie (211points) April 2nd, 2010

I was passing by my favourite store the other day and was drawn in by a beautiful array of what I thought were simply lamps. I bought two because I thought they would make an interesting additon to my lamp collection. (I adore unusual lamps).

I was advised to leave them on permanently, as apparently the lamp starts to melt because effectively it is a lump of salt.

I slept all through the night that night with my lamp on, which I never do, and my breathing was much better the next day.

Curious I read the enclosed leaflet and saw it was “claimed” the lamps ionize air and help with a multitude of ailments including asthma. I have done a bit of searching for proof of the lamps effectiveness but there seems to be no conclusive evidence that they do what they claim to do. Any thoughts?

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I have one and noticed an immediate effect and it doesn’t “have” to be on to work! Salt is a natural ionizing “cleanser”. Take a salt water bath if you want to really relax!

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I’m a natural skeptic, but the heating of the salt and having a decent humidity in the air DOES seem to have a measurable effect on the ions in the air. The air by the beach, due to the salt water crashing, is ionised. The Russians used to pump ionised air into their hockey practice rinks. It does seem to have some mild health benefits. I seriously can’t throw too many stones at this one.

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I need a salt lamp…

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@Fred931 you can get a similar effect by using “crystal salt” the same stuff used in water softeners for a fraction of the price of a salt lamp. Just place a bowl of it out and enjoy or heat a dish of it over a tea candle.

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@Cruiser Do you mean ‘washing soda’ crystals? Oh… different kind of water ‘softening’... I don’t know those machines…. never had one… but they use regular salt.. I just read. Interesting.

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Oh wow, this is truly unusual!
I’m rather curious to look into these lamps and may look for some in the future!

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@cazzie I researched this when my wife brought home the lamp. I use salt to cleanse with when practicing Thai Massage and was taken by the immediate effect of the lamp when we turned it on. There are different types of salt and the lamp is a “crystal salt” and there are again different types of bagged salt at the store and you can get “crystal salt” that is sold again for water softeners. Maybe $5/bag

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I have never heard of these crystal salt lamps, but I would love to find out more.
My daughter has asthma and I plug an ionizer on in her bedroom each night.
Is there a website for these lamps? I am in the UK.

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@Cruiser Many thanks. I am certainly going to purchase one of these.

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Yes I have mine on right now, it is beside my computer. A friend of mine who owns a new age (no idea what it’s called) book store, has recently started stocking them. She was telling me how good they are (but I reckoned it was a sales pitch of course). But I did notice that her skin was nicer? Now that could be various factors that I am unaware of but she claimed it was the lamps too. Her counter is filled with them so she is getting a good blasting from them so who knows. @partyparty I did also read they were better than (I can never remember the two words is it dehumidifier? or humidifier so it is worth looking at. I know when I am near mine I feel so calm and relaxed. Plus a lot of animals love sleeping next to them maybe its the warmth though? Some cats enjoy licking them loll.

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I could also not find scientific proof however

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Mine cured my impotency, my hearing problem, my Marfan’s syndrome, my heart problem, my dog phobia, my speaking problem, and a couple of other ailments, and enabled me to get a date!

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@dpworkin Sounds like you got the cheap Chinese knock off version as mine does so much more…even regrows hair!

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@dpworkin Did it make you grow hair? :-)

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@dpworkin Awww…..why the long face?

I love these lamps! Mostly for their calming effect, though. I love diffuse lighting. It covers the crow’s feet :)

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We had some in our massage school and I liked them for the ambiance. I see them in my massage supply catalogs all the time. I can’t say I noticed any benefit from them in school, but I’d be willing to get one for my future practice just because they give off a nice glow.

@dpworkin Do you need me to buy you some new skivvies? Yours always seem to be in a bunch. ;)

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salt air’s good for us. ‘S why I hang out on the beach. My mum’s been smoking for 45 years and hangs out on the beach, and when she goes in for a physical doctors call specialists cross country because of how healthy her pipes are.

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I love mine, I do have one problem with it though.
In the summer it is very humid where I live and it starts to “weep” salty ooze.
I usually just dry it out, put it in a plastic bag to store it and bring it back out in cooler less humid weather.

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@wilma : humidity’s turning it to brine. Point a fan at it for added air salinity.

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@dpworkin GA, didn’t help your dislocated ankle?

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@faye I forgot I had that.

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@dpworkin didn’t cure your sense of humor, thenks gott!

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