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Is your school system in session today?

Asked by MrItty (17381points) April 2nd, 2010

Today is Good Friday in the Christian religion. I just found out that my half-sister has the day off. I’m confused as to why. It’s not a federal holiday. Other Christian-but-not-federal holidays don’t get the day off (Ash Wednesday, Feast of the Assumpion, All Saints, etc).

Are the kids in your area in school today? Is it just my half-sister’s town?

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My school is definitely in session today. When I was growing up, I would not have had school today because the week before Easter was always spring break. Always.

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Yep, my little sister (University) and little brother (Middle school) are both in school today.

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My kids have been out all week! My husband got today off! And if I’m correct the banks and post office are closed as well!

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Our schools are closed for spring break and our work is letting out at 11 am…Yeah!!

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@ShanEnri I work for a bank. We’re definitely not closed.

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School is not in session over here.

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School has been out for the week. I think that makes the issue of Good Friday moot.

When I worked at a place with union representation, we had this day off, as well. But that was negotiated and put in the contract. I’ve also worked at places where if you wanted this day off, you took a personal day.

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No,my country never applicate this tradition.

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My son’s school district is closed today.
The stock market is also closed today.

There is also a predominantly Jewish suburb whose schools are closed today as well.
Of course, it is also the fifth day of Passover, but the school calendar says: Good Friday (schools closed)

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I think it depends on the community the school is in. Some have it off and some don’t. It also depends on the type of school your half-sister goes to. Is it a religious run school? They would definitely have it off.

I haven’t been by the schools yet today, but I reside in a heavily Catholic area with large pockets of different Protestant groups too. They probably do have it off.

It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things what it is called. Easter and the Holy Days were pretty much only assigned to days of former ‘Pagan’ holidays to make conversion easier.

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NYC’s public schools have had this week off for Passover/Easter. Half of Brooklyn’s public libraries are closed today, including my local one. But Manhattan’s libraries are open. I guess their system has more money.

I remember as a kid in Milwaukee in the 1970s, everything was closed, but as I became a teen in the 80s, that sort of fell away and more and more businesses stayed open on this day. The week before Easter went from “Easter Break” to “Spring Break” in school.

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Our school system was off all week for spring break. The banks and post office are open. My husband’s company has the day off.

Didn’t banks used to close early on Good Friday years and years ago? I vaguely remember my dad (a banker) being done at 1PM that day. This was the 70’s so my memory is hazy at best.

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@rahm_sahriv no, she goes to the public school system. Their spring vacation was a couple week ago.

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My little sister’s public school is out, my mom who works at the school system for the developmentally disabled is in, and my university is open though I never have class on fridays anyway.

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Nope, it seems that everyone in my family gets a vacation but me.

Break’s over…. back to the lab (sigh!)

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Good Friday is a national holiday in Germany.

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My school is in session. I don’t have Friday classes anyway, but classes are being held.

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It’s a Bank Holiday in the Uk. My kids schools are closed for 2 weeks for Easter and I get a 4 day weekend :-)

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I have class today. My sister doesn’t.

I believe this is the first year my school has been open on Good Friday though.

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My kids have no school today, happy Good Friday!

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Kids are off in my area, because it’s spring break.
I thought the stock exchange was closed? my mother only has off when its closed…

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Good Friday is a holiday here.

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@thriftymaid define “here”?

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In my city’s school system, @MrItty

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@thriftymaid… I was asking what city/state/country considers Good Friday a holiday. Sorry if you consider that offensive or too personal.

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