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If WalMart were to go bankrupct tomorrow, which store chain would take its place as No. 1?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) April 2nd, 2010

Heaven forbid that WalMart should ever go bankrupct! this is a statement from my wife. but, what if WalMart did go bankrupct tomorrow? which store would take its place and could you ever survive without WalMart? just about 85% of the merchandise sold in WalMart stores, comes from China. are we too dependant on China? so, whats it gonna be? Sears? KMart? which store chain would then be No. 1?

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Target. Even yuppies shop there.

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I say Target.

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Target or Big Lots? I assume Sam’s Club and others would go bankrupt too since they belong to WalMart.

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I still think Lowes is owned by WalMart. their corporate office denies any connection. have you ever noticed that when a new WalMart is built, a new Lowes is either across the street or next to a WalMart store?

And, i forgot about Target. you may be right. Target is huge on the west coast.

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If WalMart went bankrupt, it would be last on the list to do so. There wouldn’t be any other stores left to take its place.

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Target. Totally. All my friends would love it if Walmart went out of business. They would make it the next number one.

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Aldi, the biggest discounter in the Fatherland (and no, there is no walmart in Germany, not anymore)

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@ragingloli : No Walmart in Germany? <3, although I’m scared of the copyright thingie you have on your profile

If there was justice, America’s #1 store would become Piggly Wiggly.

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@Fenris Piggly Wiggly, the first true self-service grocery store? Awesome.

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They were here once, but they never managed to make any profit in Germany. Too much competition, rejection by customers, conflicts with our workers’ rights laws and their attempts to drive competition out of business by selling certain products below costs are illegal in Germany so they could not do that either.
Anyways, I do not miss them.

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@ragingloli : I am frightened and slightly aroused at these intelligent notions that drove out wal-mart. What is this “workers rights” you speak of? ^_^

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Well, for example walmart’s ethics guidelines, that forbids employees to have intimate relationships with each other, which violates a citizen’s basic rights guaranteed by the constitution. Then there is the fact that the entire package, including the controversial telephone hotline to rat out your colleages, as well as individual provisions, have to be agreed to by the works council, which is basically a mandatory company internal organisation that represents the employees. Walmart tried to impose their guidelines without consulting the council and german courts basically slapped walmart in the face for that.

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I <3 Germany.

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Walmart is number 1. Walmart sux and I wish they would go bankrupt and go out of business. They are not as low priced as they try to lead you to believe. Especially when there rollback is actually a price increase not a price decrease. I know they raise the price because sometimes they forget to take the original price off when they put the rollback tags on, and guess what most of the time the rollback price is higher than the price before the rollback. I hardly shop at Walmart and only go there if I absolutely have too. I cant stand Walmart and most of their employees are worthless brainless lazy morons that could not tell you that 2+2=4 if there life depended on it. They cant count back change either. I always have to watch them and they never ever give me correct change back. If im supposed to get 10cents back, they give me a penny. I tell them hey this is wrong and then they try to send me to the customer service desk. I say im not going over there form my other 9cents when you can just give it to me here. They then try to say that it is store policy. They say that so they dont have to deal with you no more. I dont fall for their stupid bull though. I hardly go to Walmart because of these things.

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