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When will emo hair end?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) April 2nd, 2010

You’ve all seen it before… the long ironed bangs combed at a perfect 30–45 degree angle, preferably covering one eye. At some point, all trends come to an end. When will this one die? Where did it come from? Am I just getting old?

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I think it came from Veronica Lake, on whom it looked good.

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October 17th, at 6:45 p.m.

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@Snarp – What year?

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When they figure out a way to keep my gray hair from looking so wirey. You’d be depressed too, dammit.

@Snarp Bahahhaha!!

Emo hair will end when latch key kids get the keys to thier own homes. Until then, it makes perfect sense to piss and moan and be loners…..hanging out together.

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I didn’t realize it had a name… emo hair, haha.

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Probably never.

I still see 80’s mall hair every once in a while….

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Don’t don’t you want me.Will be it’s epitaph.The answer being a resounding no.

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@Likeradar There is a certain backwards county here in my state where all the girls still wear mall bangs. Aww..

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not soon enough, if you ask me.

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Funny you should ask this. I was wondering why so many men are wearing their hair like Ed Grimley When did this become considered attractive?

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@ChazMaz This year.

I really don’t think it’s particularly “in” right now. Sure, you see it occasionally, but you see mullets occasionally too. I’d keep emo hair forever if it would get rid of mullets. But I’m on a college campus right now, and I’ve walked past probably a thousand kids today, none had emo hair.

There was an Ed Grimly though. I don’t know where that came from.

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It never really took off here for some reason. I like the whole emo look though. I am a Goth!

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Hahaha. probably not anytime soon.

I kinda hope it doesn’t, I enjoy variety. I think life has more spice when there are more different variations to fashion.

I dunno, just me.

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It will end in 10 or so years, lie dormant for 30 years, and then come back in style, but it will be worn “ironically.”

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@Just_Justine : <3

I hope it never dies. Cast off the chains of tradition and absolutism! Free the strangeness within!

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…with more consumerism!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard : point. ;_;

damn conglomerate America overtaking countercultures before they have a chance to thrive independently of consumerism for the purposes of molding and manufacturing counterculture just like they do pop culture.

Still, girls with emo hair and lots of piercings and skinnies are hot, period.

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When it becomes mainstream enough that the people that started it change to something else that will eventually become another trend. I’ve heard it started in the 80’s.

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Still, girls with emo hair and lots of piercings and skinnies are hot, period.

Can’t argue with that, but most of those chicks have pretty advanced cases of the crazy though, unfortunately.

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This girl is kinda cute, but I can’t help being reminded of this nonsense. Even in the 80’s we knew it was laughable.

Proto-emo. How is that not child abuse?

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@FutureMemory : that last picture frightens me in ways I didn’t know I could be frightened.

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@FutureMemory Gawd, how I miss the big hair bands of the 80’s. :)

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It will prolly die when all the emos die too. Don’t worry, they’re slashing their wrists, they will suffer extensive blood loss. Bless their souls. Crap, why are they even doing that?

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Seriously people?? why the fuck do you care how people like to look?????????????

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@sps33 kind of late to the party, aren’t you?

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I think the kids have great style these days… Like Steampunk! I wish they had thought of that when I was younger.

I was unluky enough to fashionably exist in the 80’s…

I believe it’s far more of a crime to actually bring that garbage back again.

I say bring on the EMO’s and DOWN WITH the 80’s!

I’m probably older than you too.

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@sps33 Because it makes some people feel old and out of touch I think?

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*Unlucky” Typo

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@sps33 Because it looks stupid, duh.

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There is no “emo look”.Emo’s can dress however they want,whenever they want. I have two friends who have began cutting themselfs,but they look perfectly fine.No hair over one eye nonsense

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