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Is it strange that my boyfriend and best friend have been going to the park together?

Asked by CloudXDream (71points) April 2nd, 2010

Yesterday I was on a three way call like I usualy do with my best friend and my boyfriend. My boyfriend randomly said that he was going over my friends house and that they were going to go to the park. She hesitated then said ok.

Today the same exact thing happened and I dont know what it means? Maybe its just nothing and I’m just paranoid?

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Rather than worrying about it, just ask them.

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It bothers me that your friend hesitated. Either she knew ahead of time and hesitated because she didn’t want you to know, or she hesitated because she totally didn’t know that your boyfriend was going to decide what she was going to do.

Either way, sounds odd to me.

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I agree with @wonderingwhy and @mrentropy: Only one way to find out: ask him. It does sound odd and I would want to know. I’d ask your girlfriend too. Sometimes too nice can be too gullible.

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Ask one of them what is going on. If you can do it without sounding accusatory, so much the better.

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Sounds like a job for Detective Gomez.

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Well, it’s certainly strange that they’re arranging it on a three way call with you. Scratch that, it’s strange that you’re having a three way call in the first place. No, scratch that, it’s strange any way you look at it.

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Oh and I also just learned that a few of my boyfriend’s friends are going as well. If that changes anything im not sure.

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Why don’t you go too? What’s the secret?

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Why won’t they invite you? Ask them. Maybe they’re going to get stoned. Are you against that? Sounds like you have “some” friends there. Err, good luck.

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Dosn’t sound like good news to me. Sounds like somethings going on that shouldn’t be. Better nip it in the bud.

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@CloudXDream What do you think is going on? It probably is best just to ask them. If they seem secretive about it, then go to the park yourself and see if they are there. Do some investigative work ;)

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Start snooping around because it doesn’t sound good!

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@RandomMrAdam .. ya hide behind some trees.

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Just throw him out. Save yourself some time.

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yep, just like when my ex and a friend were working out together…..dump them both!

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It does seem very odd.

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I’d just ask them what it’s all about – it’ll save a lot of hassle and worry for you in the meantime. I don’t understand why they didn’t ask you to come. Hmm.. Any word since?

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Totally weird. You sure he’s being faithful?

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Maybe they are planning a surprise for you.

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@CloudXDream If your boyfriend’s friend is a guy, maybe he’s trying to set the two up.

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If you did not have a sore throat, this would not have been an issue.

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@davidbetterman That crossed my mind

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My boyfriend said that I should come today but only when I said in a kidding way “Oh, I feel so left out!’. I asked my mom and she said no but appearently they are going tomorow and Im going to go check it out and watch them and see what happens.

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I wowuld not sneak behind their backs to “watch.” That is the surest way to lose the trust of each fo them. I would be direct and ask what they are doing.

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True. I just tried to call my boyfriend and he wouldnt answer and neither would my friend. And @ChazMaz ; sore throat?

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ask them for a share of weed!!

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I dont smoke or do drugs.

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The question is: do they?

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Dump that zero, and find yourself a hero!

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I agree with asking him. Once you do, update us on the situation. It is hard for any of us to say much with simply the information you gave.

If you can’t contact him or her, maybe you can call one of the friends he was going with?

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My friend answered her phone finally. She told me that it was boring and that my boyfriend and his friend got in a verbal fight and were fighting most of the time so she just went home she said. I tried calling my boyfriend and his phone was turned off because he is grounded for some reason. And thats all I have for now.

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“my boyfriend and his friend got in a verbal fight and were fighting most of the time ”

Fighting over the girl.

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@ChazMaz Maybe. And what did you mean about me having a sore throat?

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This, post. ;-)

Referring to a stuffed nose. I just changed it to sore throat.

You have to bare with me. Sometimes I just crack myself up. Too much crack.

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