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Is Seth MacFarlane an animator on "Family Guy" or did just do the pilot?

Asked by windex (2932points) April 2nd, 2010

Is he still part of the animation team? or did he just animate the pilot only?

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Doesn’t he do stewies voice? Either way, wiki says he’s part of the team.

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These guys tendto draw early on and web the style is established, a team of animators takes over.
Seth McFarlane is probably too busy counting the money the trucks unload in his driveway everyday.

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@Captain_Fantasy Yes, in his 13.5 Million dollar house in the hills. That’s not funny to me :( lol

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Oh to have those sorts of problems. Lol

I personally think Seth’s best work is found in his contributions to Robot Chicken.

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He doesn’t just do Stewies voice, he does Peter, Brian, and Quagmire too.

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A designer I work with has worked as an animator for both Family Guy & American Dad and he told me Seth McFarlane doesn’t do any of the final animations.

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Seth is the big cheese of the show. He points fingers and doesnt do any of the grunt work.

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